Dangers of Sports Drinks You Should Be Aware Of

Water Sports DrinkWhen I was a kid growing up, there weren’t any real dangers from sports drinks. Today there are numerous sports drinks like Gatorade and Powerade and you should really think twice before drinking them.

There are many multi-million dollar advertisements on TV using sports heroes of the day to sell you these drinks. The messages of these ads are like most products these days.

If you use this product you will become just like the star who is making money off of the advertisement.

Health Risks of Energy and Sports Drinks


Dangers of Sports Drinks – False Claims

I think we already know most TV commercials don’t live up to what they portray. Do you really think drinking Gatorade is going to allow you to slam dunk like Michael Jordan? No!

Do you really think you’ll hit a baseball further, tackle harder, jump higher or race a car faster all because of a special sports drink?

What these companies are doing is saying that the liquid in their product will help you rehydrate your body after exertion. These beverages are marketed towards the every day active person.

The weird thing is that if you look at the ingredients you’ll see they are very similar to soft drinks. For instance, Gatorade has sucrose syrup, glucose-fructose syrup, citric acid, natural and artificial flavors.

Powerade contains high fructose corn syrup, maltodextrin, citric acid, salt, potassium citrate, modified food starch, potassium phosphate and natural flavors.


Dangers of Sports Drinks – The Problems

Dental experts have said that sports drinks cause erosive effects on the teeth, even causing holes to appear. This is caused by the citric acid and even brushing your teeth would be harmful because the tooth enamel is softened in the process.

These sports drinks also contain a ton of sugar, salt and high fructose corn syrup, which are all related to obesity.

Even the sugar free sports drinks are dangerous because they contain artificial sweeteners which are even worse for you than sugar and HFCS.

Some people are correct and accurate when they say coconut water is the best source to rehydrate yourself. I’m an everyday guy, though, and know that most people won’t have this stocked in their kitchen.

The best way I know how to re-energize the body after exercise, sports or any strenuous activity is to drink pure, clean water and even have a banana which is high in potassium. This is what high school football players should be consuming during their half time.

There are dangers of sports drinks you should be aware of and purified water is the solution.

Alternative Sports Drink Recipe


The Best Option is Pure Water

Again, the best option to get hydrated before, during and after sports activities is clean water. We get our from a Berkey Light right at home.

Don’t be fooled by slick advertising. Research the contents of sports drinks and see for yourself.


  1. Excellent points about the detriments of sugar as it relates to overall health. Unfortunately, nearly every sports drink available is formulated with excessive simple sugars.

    Another important consideration , secondary to the overall health concern is the detriment that simple sugars have on a actual performance. This is counter to the performance benefits that most people associate with sports drinks. The insulin spike resultant from consuming a drink comprised primarily of simple processed carbohydrates like sugar actually significantly inhibits performance, and drops energy levels very quickly.

    Another tertiary problem with sugary drinks is the issue of osmolality. When eating foods with high osmolality due to high levels of simple sugars, many people suffer stomach discomfort. Consuming a sports drink that has high osmoticity causes large amounts of water to enter the stomach and intestines. Large amounts of water in the gastrointestinal tract can cause distention, cramps, nausea and vomiting. These are very important concerns for any highly active person using these drinks with frequency.

  2. Thank you for the great comment Dale! Most sports drinks have a ton of sugar and MSG and that is the last thing an athlete or any other person needs to be consuming.

    Great information you have provided us!

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