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A Berkey Water System Filters What?

By Jeff Wise March 31, 2020

Berkey Water Purifier

A Berkey water filter is an amazing invention.

Once people come to an understanding as to what toxins are in their tap water, they immediately start researching for a solution because nobody wants to knowingly fill their guts with a chemical nightmare.

The Environmental Working Group reported recently that after reviewing almost 20 million records of water utility companies in the United States, 316 pollutants were found in the tap water you drink.

Some had more and some had a little less. This is after the utility company supposedly cleans your water.

A Berkey Water System Will Clean Up Their Mess

There was arsenic, fluoride, disinfection products, birth control, fuel additives, chlorine, pesticides and much more in your water.

It's really amazing that so many dollars, and I'm assuming tax dollars, put into these water utility companies and they may prevent certain diseases from entering our homes but it's toxic anyway, so what's the point?

I'm here to tell you that a cheap water pitcher from the store isn't going to do anything for you except give you a false sense of security.

A whole house reverse osmosis system will help some but it can be expensive and it also zaps any healthy minerals.

I've done the research and I came across the Berkey® water system. It is really cool because it filters all the junk your city misses and it doesn't require electricity or water pressure.

The filter elements combine the age-old process of micro-porous filtration coupled with modern state-of-the-art technology and the highest quality materials to bring you the finest water purification elements available anywhere.

These filters will remove pathogenic bacteria, cysts and parasites all to non-detectable levels.

They remove trihalomethanes, radon 222, inorganic minerals, chlorine, volatile organic compounds, lead, mercury, aluminum, cadmium, chromium, copper as well as nitrites, nitrates, rust, silt and sediment.

These filters have been tested by State & EPA accredited laboratories to exceed EPA & ANSI/NSF (Std. 53) protocol.

How Long Does A Berkey® Water Purifier Last

This is a great question because most of the filters from the local store require that you buy new filters every two or three months which can be quite a hassle.

Each filtration element will last for up to 3,000 gallons (6,000 gallons per set of two).

Now, I don't sit there and count how many gallons of water I go through. Based on my experience and listening to testimonials, these filters last a whole year.

They are self-sterilizing and you can actually clean them with a scotch pad under running water.

The Berkey water system is powerful and will keep you as safe as you possibly can from the water contamination coming through your tap.
Learn more about what a Berkey® filters by visiting this page.

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