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Drinking Contaminated Water Is Avoidable

By Jeff Wise March 27, 2020

Drinking Contaminated WaterDrinking contaminated water is commonplace all over the world. It doesn't matter if you're in a third world country or a big first world country.

Many people get sick immediately and others get sick over time. The end result is the same.

Unfortunately I have to report that some people die because of contamination.

Some people damage their organs and over time the function of those organs is less than optimal.

Clean agua is something we all need no matter race or geographical area.

It makes me quite sad to see people struggling to find purified H2O.

Drinking Contaminated Water - Examples

You can literally pull up article after article every single day with examples in all countries about contaminated water.

I'll give you a few examples from today. Some are outrageous!

  • "A Japanese MP drunk water collected from a radioactive puddle inside the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant"
  • "Water wells in the country are contaminated with bacteria"
  • "Contaminated H2O advisory issued in Fort Lauderdale"
  • "Whistleblower fired after claims of contaminated water"

I could go on and on but the point I'm trying to make is ... we're finding contaminated liquid every day somewhere in the world and most likely within 100 miles of where you're living.

You may think you're safe because you drink the treated city stuff from your tap, but I'm afraid that is contaminated too.

I wrote an article previously that talked about the Environmental Working Group reviewing 20 million records of utility companies in the U.S. and 316 pollutants were found in the tap you drink.

Many contaminants found in your treated drinking water are disinfection byproducts, nitrate and arsenic.

It was said that half of the contaminants in the H2O are not subject to health or safety regulations.

It Isn't Necessary - There's Another Way

We don't have to despair too much, though, because a quality gravity water filter can purify your H2O and making it the safest H2O possible to drink.

I personally use one that filters out pesticides, herbicides, VOCs, nitrates, nitrites and even arsenic.

These are contaminants that can really harm your health. As I stated earlier, most of those I just listed above aren't eliminated from city treated stuff.

My friends, whether we want to or not, we must become a little more self reliant to even be semi-healthy.

We shouldn't have to resort to drinking contaminated water because we can make the choice today to get a countertop filter and not have to worry.

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