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Countertop Water Dispenser Extraordinaire

By Jeff Wise March 10, 2020

Countertop Water Dispenser
What do you normally think of when the words "countertop water dispenser" come to mind?

I think most of us would think of those water cooler type things that make the funny noises, right?

Every time you fill up your cup it goes, bloop-bloop! Most of them can use a three gallon or five gallon jug that you hoist up whenever it's time to change the water.

Some of them can even give you hot water. So you spend $80 on one of those and then you pay $21 for a BPA free jug.

You can either have it delivered or you go back and forth from the store to your house and refill your jugs every week.

Some of them even need electricity to produce the hot portion.

No Hassle Countertop Water Dispenser

What I just described really seems like a hassle and many of the systems hardly filter anything.

Basically what I'm trying to say is ... what's the point? I can ask that question because I already found the best countertop water dispenser.

The best part is, it's more than that. It's a purifier. It literally purifies and doesn't require electricity or massive five gallon jugs.

All I do is fill a little pitcher and pour it into the top of my Berkey filter and in a short amount of time I have purified H2O.

Once it's purified I dispense it through the spigot and instantly I'm drinking really tasty water.

Other Features Of The Berkey Countertop Water Dispenser

Other reasons why the Berkey is more extraordinary than others is because of what it eliminates from your dirty tap supply. I can say that because tap is dirty.

It's been tested all over to have hundreds of contaminants. The Black Berkey filters wipe out heavy metals, pharmaceuticals and PFOA.

Goodbye! It eliminates pesticides and herbicides. See ya! Trihalomethanes? Bye, bye!

All heavy metals? 95% of them. Sayonara! Your H2O ends up being pure and safe to drink.

So safe that missionaries, Red Cross and other emergency organizations use the Berkey systems in other countries.

Another great feature that the Berkey has is portability.

Yes, you can take those dispensers anywhere but they either need electricity or a source of already purified H2O to put in the jugs.

With a Berkey you can literally put river or lake in it and drink it. Camping, out of country trips, survival ... it doesn't matter.

This system can hit most any curveball you throw at it. If you want a countertop water dispenser that outperforms the rest then look no further because I think you've found it.

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