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Best Portable Water Filter

By Jeff Wise March 10, 2020

Portable Water Purifier

It may seem a little odd for me to be talking about which is the best portable water filter since I have a whole Web site promoting a particular brand, but please hear me out.

I feel I'm qualified because I started out with nothing. No filter, no purifier, and no research.

I had no knowledge on the subject because I assumed my tap water was perfectly safe to drink.

My parents didn't have a water filter and we happily filled up the kool-aid pitcher with water from the sink.

How I Came To Find The Best Water Filter

When I was a kid, I had no problem drinking tap water or water from the hose.

What child researches what's in the water? Probably none.

Many parents are stuck in the nine to five rat wheel and don't have much time to research themselves. I completely understand.

Something clicked in my head, though, around 2000.

I was living on my own in a state far away from my family and I started reading articles and watching videos about contaminated water.

I'm talking about water that's already been treated by the city you live in and the tax dollars you give.

To keep a long story short, I came to the conclusion that I needed some type of water filter.

My budget was low, so I started buying the cheap brands from the local store. You most likely know which ones I'm talking about.

The water tasted better so that satisfied me for a while.

Then I started finding out more problems with treated water, such as that it contained pesticides, fluoride, and heavy metals.

I then found out my cheap water filters are hardly removing anything.

I tried several different brands of water filters but finally found out about the Berkey water filter.

The Best Portable Water Filter Is The Berkey

I liked the idea of reverse osmosis because it would filter the whole house, but then I found out it eliminates all the healthy minerals and it uses twice the amount of water you actually drink.

It was finally in 2006 when I purchased a Travel Berkey water filter. I bought it because of the amount it filters and also because it's been tested and proven to work.

It removes all pharmaceuticals and VOCs. It removes heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and aluminum to below detectable levels.

The Berkey has the ability to reduce fluoride and arsenic by almost 100% and much more.

All Berkey systems use the Black Berkey element filters so it doesn't matter which one you purchase.

I haven't found another system that is better or produces better-tasting water and that's why I consider the Berkey to be the best portable water filter available.

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