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Berkey Water Filter Authorized Dealer

Berkey Water Filter Authorized Dealer

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Royal Berkey Water Filter
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Berkey Light System
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Thinking about upgrading your home's water purity? Berkey Water Filters may just be the solution you're searching for.  

Known for its efficiency, the Berkey filtration process outshines other water filter systems for home use, making sure every sip you take is clean and free of contaminants. 

Berkey systems stand out by using gravity filtration. This unique filtration element removes impurities more effectively than typical filters. Unlike reverse osmosis, Berkey retains beneficial minerals, yet it eliminates over 200 harmful contaminants found in drinking water. 

What's Different about a Berkey Stainless Steel Water Filter?

Stainless steel water systems are robust, long-lasting and remove harmful contaminants effectively. Unlike plastic pitchers, Berkey's filters don't leach chemicals. The clean, good looks of the stainless steel add to your kitchen décor. 

Berkey's unique design allows prolonged use without replacing cartridges frequently, saving money. Plus, its gravity-fed system doesn't require electricity or plumbing - just fill and enjoy clean water anytime, anywhere. 

Is Your Tap Water Safe to Drink?

Drinking tap water raises valid concerns. Contaminants like lead, pesticides, and chemicals can seep into water supplies. However, municipal treatment plants work diligently to ensure safety standards are met.

Yet, aging pipes and infrastructure issues sometimes allow impurities through. It's wise to research your area's water quality reports.  

Installing filters offers extra protection against potential health risks. Don't ignore discolored, foul-smelling, or odd-tasting water—it deserves investigation. Ultimately, being informed helps make smart choices about your drinking water. 

Take our FREE Water Quality Quiz and find out!

Made & Shipped in USA

Berkey Filters Made in USA

Made & Shipped in USA

Clean Water Right At Home!

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Take Charge of Your Water with Berkey Water Filter Systems

The only water filter system you need to protect your family from 200+ contaminants.

Berkey Water Filter – A Global Water Filtration System Leader

Berkey Water Filters do a thorough job of filtering out 99.9999% of contaminants. Heavy metals like lead and mercury, chlorine, and other impurities. 

How does this work?

Any water that your Berkey Filter processes has extended contact with the filter elements. This makes it work better than other filters that use pressure to push water through stages of cleaning. 

Another big bonus of the Berkley Water Filters is that they have a high capacity and are long-lasting. This saves you money as you end up paying about 1 cent per gallon of filtered water. It also saves you the time and inconvenience of replacing the cartridges every other month.

In addition to removing harmful materials, the Berkey Water Filter retains beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium. This is unlike reverse osmosis and distillation systems that remove both the good and the bad stuff.

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Our Featured Products: There’s Something for Everyone

Sport Berkey Bottle

This 22-ounce Berkey water bottle is your perfect companion for work, traveling, camping, and gym. It uses Iconic Adsorption Micro-Filtration System to deliver an extra refreshing drink free of contaminants. It is economical and has a long shelf-life of 50 years.

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Royal Berkey System

With a capacity of 3.25 gallons, the Royal Berkey is perfect for medium to large families. It is quite versatile and can be used for outdoor activities, emergencies, or at home. Freshwater sources are no match for its powerful filtration system.

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Big Berkey System

The Big Berkey Water Filter System comes with two Black Berkey elements. It is the perfect size for small to medium families. It remains portable enough to move around for emergencies or outdoor activities. It is not too bulky for most kitchens either.

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Travel Berkey System

This gravity water filter has a 1.5-gallon capacity and boasts a 2.75-gallon per hour filtering speed. It includes two Black Berkey Elements. The Travel Berkey Water Filter System weighs 7 pounds. It's perfect for travelers, outdoor lovers, and overseas vacationers.

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Amazing Benefits of the Berkey Water Filter


The Berkey Water Filter relies on gravity and doesn’t require electricity to work. You can simply place it on the countertop and leave it to clean your water.

Removes Toxins and Chemicals

Our water filter systems remove hundreds of harmful contaminants from your drinking water, including chemicals, heavy metals and silt. It removes 99.9999% of these contaminants and more, leaving water safe for your family.


The Black Berkey filters can clean up to 3000 gallons of drinking water without needing costly replacements.


The Berkey Water Filter is available in different sizes, all of which are portable. You can easily take them with you on your camping trips.

Order Your Berkey Water Filter System Today

We put our customers first with quality products and do whatever it takes to ensure your happiness. On the rare occasion that you need to return your Berkey system, we’ll replace it or refund you in a snap. Additionally, we have Berkey replacement filters, parts, and accessories. Order today and enjoy clean, safe water.

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Only Family Owned & Operated Berkey Dealer

The Only 100% Family Owned & Operated Berkey Authorized Dealer In United States 🇺🇸

Transparency is important to families and it's important to ours too.

This is my family. We're proud to be the only Berkey dealer in the USA to work one on one with each and every customer.

Hi, I’m Jeff the owner and I will be responding to you myself. No artificial intelligence, no call center that doesn’t understand the product—just me!

We are an official Berkey website and authorized dealer of the Berkey water filter official website. We stand behind our commitment to provide the best water filters. 

You won't worry about counterfeit items or misleading claims. Berkey filters undergo stringent testing, delivering clean water every time. Plus, you'llbenefit from our knowledgeable customer service. Ordering from us means peace of mind.

Read our family story here.

Berkey Water System Reviews

Mike Parrish

I have had my Berkey water filter for about 15 to 20 years. I guess I have tried most all commercially available water in bottles and nothing comes close to comparing with your Berkey water. If I could convince everyone of one thing it would be to buy a Berkey because I have paid for mine many times over I have enjoyed the water many times over. Should you want to buy one this is a great place and I know like me you will be thankful in the long run.

Mike Parrish

Ben Peacock

We love this product! Have one at our office, at home and my parents even got one after using ours. We use both the black and white filters and the setup is very easy, the water tastes great, and we know that the quality of the water is the best we can get. I highly recommend to everyone to have Berkey products!

Ben Peacock

Jennifer Hinkle

We love our Royal Berkey and the sight glass spigot is a must!! We have tried many different filters over the years and Berkey has trumped them all. The quality is fantastic and what it does for our family is priceless.

Jennifer Hinkle

LaSan Allien

I absolutely LOVE my Berkey and know it was the right choice! With each charcoal filter providing approximately 3,000 gallons of clean water the cost of maintenance is exceptionally reasonable. I appreciate that it requires no electricity and will purify any water. Being confident I have clean water provides peace of mind and security knowing the water I am drinking is healthy for me, my pets and my guests.

LaSan Allien

Alex Berger

I have always been a picky water drinker, but I didn’t know just how picky I would become until purchasing our Royal Berkey. It is now the only water we drink because there is a very noticeable difference and as a frequent traveler, I already know that I need a travel system and/or water bottles to get me by until I make it home again. Jeff was amazing to purchase from! He provides so much valuable information via email and social media and when I had a question, his response time was extremely fast. Very grateful for Jeff’s knowledge and customer service!

Alex Berger

Patricia Floro

I'm so thankful for my new Berkey. I feel confident that its ability to filter out bacteria and viruses will help protect me. I work in a healthcare setting, so it is extra important to me to have one more tool to add protection.

Patricia Floro

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Experience Cleaner, Fresher Water Every Day  

Don't miss the chance to transform your drinking experience with the Berkey water filtration system. Perfect for any household size, there's a Berkey that fits your space and daily water consumption needs. Make the smart choice and invest in pure, clean water.

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