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Stay Hydrated While Hiking

By Jeff Wise February 16, 2023

Hiking is the perfect family activity. It's a great way to escape from the busy world for a brief time. Sometimes the best thing you can do for your health is to put all of life's responsibilities aside temporarily.

Hiking allows you to appreciate nature, stay active, and breathe some fresh air. It's free, it's healthy for the body and soul, and you are able to decide how long the hike will last. So, whether you're an amateur hiker or a professional athlete, anyone can like it.

My family has enjoyed many together. Our favorite times for hiking are in the fall and early spring. But really we can do it all year round.

Of course, while I love hiking with my family, I'm also just as happy hiking alone. It gives me some time to clear my mind and get some perspective. Sometimes I even prefer the time alone.

Staying Hydrated While Hiking

Tips to Staying Hydrated on a Hike

Whether alone or with others, when you're hiking, you must remember to prepare in advance for hydration. The last thing you want is to be stuck on a trail with no water.

Before you begin the hike, drink one or two cups of water. That way you won't start off dehydrated.

Avoid caffeinated drinks before and during a hike. Definitely avoid any sort of alcoholic drink. These beverages can dehydrate.

Before we leave for a hike, each member of my family has their own stainless steel water bottle full of clean Berkey water.

Sometimes we bring our Sport Berkey bottles if we're planning to take a longer hike. That way, if we run out of water, we can easily refill our Sport Berkeys with river water.

Make sure you continue drinking water throughout the hike. Take water and rest breaks so no one becomes too tired.

Follow these hiking hydration tips and you'll have a great hike!

How To Carry Water on a Hike

If you're backpacking or mountain biking you might carry a hydration waistpack, belt, backpack or even a hydration vest.

For most hiking activities though a handheld water bottle is the preferred method.

Many people fill up a stainless steel bottle with their Berkey water before a hike.

Some people do that plus take their Sport Berkey so they can fill it up with park tap water.  Portable water filtration while hiking makes things easy.

Our family does all that plus use stream, river or creek water and filter it through the Sport Berkey.

Following these tips will help you stay hydrated while hiking and you'll have a much more enjoyable experience.

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