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Survival Water Purification Is Priority #1

By Jeff Wise March 10, 2020

Survival Water Purification

More and more over the years I've learned about being prepared for anything and the most important subject I've learned about is survival water purification.

I'm all for stocking up food, but if you don't have clean water then you are in trouble. You can go so many days without food but the human body must have H2O to survive.

Not only that but the body needs pure, clean H2O. Whether you are at home or out in the woods somewhere, you have to find a source and you must purify that source.

Years ago you could drink it straight from a stream but unfortunately those times have passed for most areas as there are all types of bacteria and cysts in there and you don't want to gulp those down your throat.

Survival Water Purification To The Rescue

We have contamination in our streams from animals and pollutants in the air and even though they are invisible they are most definitely in there.

We know that because it's been tested. You could spend time every day boiling it or adding purification tablets.

You could even possibly drink it through one of those straw filters. When you are in survival mode it doesn't really matter.

You just want to survive and make it through. Making it through for most of us would mean getting back to a normal state of life.

Some people want to live and survive in the woods all their life and that's great but the majority of us don't.

I pray for no situations in life where there are widespread disasters but we have to prepare and be educated.

The Better Survival Water Purification Way

I wouldn't be writing about this unless I had a solution that I personally find better than the rest.

You can read more of my blog or articles to find out what I personally use.

Generally, you should try and find clear running water while avoiding nasty swamp and discolored water.

Again, you can boil it for 20 minutes or you can create your own filter, which is way too complicated for the average person.

There is something better, though.

What if I said there was a portable water purifier that could filter the following?
  • Pathogenic bacteria, cysts, viruses and parasites to below detectable levels
  • Trihalomethanes to below detectable levels
  • Radon 222 to below detectable levels
  • VOCs to below detectable levels
  • Reduce heavy metals by 95%
  • Remove or greatly reduce nitrates, nitrites, rust, silt and sediment
How does that sound to you?

Survival water purification doesn't have to be complicated and time consuming whether you're in the woods or sheltering in place at home. Get prepared today!

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