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Survival Water Filtration Is Priority #1

By Jeff Wise March 10, 2020

Survival Water Filtration

Over the years, I've learned more and more about the importance of being prepared for anything and that includes survival water filtration.

The most important preparedness subject I've learned about is survival water filtration.

Food, of course, is a basic necessity. In the last 20 years, I've purchased several food survival products in large amounts.

I never want my family to go hungry in an emergency situation.

For that reason, I'm all for stocking up on food. But, even more importantly, if you don't have clean water then you are in big trouble.

You need a survival water filtration system.

You can go so many days without food, but the human body must have water to survive.

It can't just be any water, though. The body needs pure, clean H2O.

Whether you are at home or out in the woods somewhere, you have to find a water source and you must filter that source.

Years ago, you could drink water straight from a stream and you'd probably be fine, but unfortunately, those times have passed for most areas.

Many water supplies contain all types of bacteria, cysts, and other contaminants.

You don't want your family to consume garbage that could make them very sick.

Be Careful With Water Contamination

Survival water filtration comes in handy and here's why.

Our streams and rivers are contaminated with heavy metals, e.Coli, and many other toxins.

There are also pollutants in the air the land in water sources.

By just doing a quick Google search, you can find water contamination articles all over the country.

We know water sources are contaminated because they've been tested.

Many times, this leads to boil water advisories. If this is your community, you could spend a lot of time boiling your water to make it drinkable.

In addition to boiling water, there are different options for survival.

You can use purification tablets. You could even possibly drink it through one of those straw filters.

Best Survival Water Filter in Times of Emergency

We think the best option is to have a survival water filtration system.

The Berkey is a perfect system because it eliminates more than 200 contaminants.

This removes the need for boiling water or using purification tablets.

Berkey systems can clean any natural water sources and ensure that your water won't make you sick.

When you are in survival mode, you need to know that you have the best solution.

Ultimately, you just want to get through without becoming sick. Hopefully, it won't take long until life can resume back to normal.

Some people love survival life and want to live and survive in the woods for long periods of time. The majority of us don't want to live that way.

We all prefer no situations where there are widespread disasters, but we have to prepare and be educated in case they do happen.

The Best Survival Water Filtration Way

As mentioned above, of all the survival water filtration options, we believe Berkey is the best.

No matter where we go, the Berkey can come with us and provide clean, safe water to drink.

Generally, you should try and find clear running water while avoiding nasty swamps and discolored water.

Of course, you can boil water for 20 minutes or you can create your own filter.

But for the average person, this is a hassle and is way too time-consuming.

Here are the reasons why we think a Berkey is the best solution.

Berkey is a filtration system that filters the following:

  • Pathogenic bacteria, cysts, viruses and parasites to below detectable levels
  • Trihalomethanes to below detectable levels
  • Radon 222 to below detectable levels
  • VOCs to below detectable levels
  • Reduce heavy metals by 95%
  • Remove or greatly reduce nitrates, nitrites, rust, silt and sediment

No matter what the disaster, a Berkey can work for you. How does that sound?

Survival water filtration doesn't have to be complicated and time-consuming whether you're in the woods or sheltering in place at home.

Get prepared today with a Berkey water filtration system!

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