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Emergency Preparedness Plan to Keep You Safe

By Jeff Wise March 10, 2020

Emergency Preparedness Plan

Do you and your family have an emergency preparedness plan?

I'm not sitting around shaking in my boots scared about the next natural or man-made disaster to happen.

Although these events happen all the time in our world, I'm more of a planner.

I'm thinking about how to keep my family safe, just in case, with an emergency preparedness plan.

Why You Need An Emergency Preparedness Plan

Several examples of disasters that could occur are like the Katrina floods and even the Nashville floods of 2010.

How about all those volcanoes going off all over the world?

You've got hurricanes, earthquakes, mud slides, tsunamis and snow storms. There are man-made disasters such as war, terrorism and other accidents.

We also have environmental concerns which to me are ones you don't ever want to happen.

The recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico had disastrous repercussions and is still affecting wildlife and our food supply today.

How about nuclear accidents and other hazardous waste which if not handled correctly could really cause some problems?

Where To Go?

Part of a good emergency preparedness plan is having a place to go. Many times we are warned in advance and it would be prudent to find a place to retreat to.

The last thing I want for my family is to stay in a FEMA camp or other government housing.

You want to have a safe place to go with supplies to allow you to have peace of mind in case of an earthquake or hurricane.

Therefore you need to do some basic research which may require you to do quite a bit on the Internet as well as taking a look at a collection of maps and data to help you determine a safe place to go.

There are pockets of preferred locations in nearly every county and it would be wise to find out where they are.

Even if you can't leave your area you should learn things about the community you call home.

Understanding the pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses will enable you to prepare for the unexpected.

Final Thoughts on Emergency Preparedness Plan

Having an emergency preparedness plan is something you should keep in a drawer along with other important documents such as your will and other financial papers.

What about making sure you have clean water if you decide to leave your home during a crisis?

Are you going to carry around 10 packs of bottled water? I doubt it.

Make sure you have something portable like the Travel Berkey and the Berkey Sport Bottle.

Having purified water and preventing dehydration is absolutely necessary when formulating an emergency preparedness plan.

Navy Skills for Life – Land Survival Training – Water Filtration

If you don't have a Berkey you're going to need to do something like this.

I think you'd rather have a Berkey right?

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