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How To Remove Fluoride From Water

By Jeff Wise March 10, 2020

Fluoride Side EffectsThe reason we need to know how to remove fluoride from water is because it is a known toxin that is proven to damage human health.

It has been shown to cause dental fluorosis, brain damage, lower IQ, non-IQ neurotoxic effects such as fetal brain damage, harmful effects to the pineal gland, disruption of thyroid function, bone damage, kidney damage, bone cancer, reproductive problems, and the list goes on.

Fluoride was used as an insecticide and rat poison before it was dumped in our drinking water.

It is a pollutant and a by-product of iron, copper and aluminum manufacturing.

Did you know fluoride is the only chemical added to drinking water for the purpose of medication (to prevent tooth decay).

This is just the surface of the issues involved with H2O and toothpaste fluoridation.

You really have to ask yourself why in the world is this toxic chemical still being pushed on us.

How To Remove Fluoride From Water - The First Solution

The first solution is very simple.

Have an ordinance passed in your town effectively banning the dumping of fluoride into your drinking water.

Several towns all over the United States have done this. Spring Hill, TN did it a while back as well as Palmer, Alaska and even Portland, OR.

Public outcry and hard work ended their fluoridation mandate. Good for them!

Both Fairbanks and Juneau have already ended this unhealthy practice.

Not only will they have this toxic chemical out of their H2O, but the towns save lots of money and labor that is put into placing the toxic chemical into the water supply.

The people in Alaska have gone on to say that this practice of fluoridation is not moral or ethical.

Did you know that 99 percent of Western Europe has ended this practice too?

How To Remove Fluoride From Water - The Second Solution

For those of us still waiting for the people in our towns to protest and have the city council vote on this matter, we need an alternative way to get rid of this poison before drinking it.

My family and a multitude of others are using special fluoride filters that remove this nasty chemical up to 95 percent when there is less than 1 ppm of the fluoride ion and 99.75% when there is less than 50 ppb.

These special fluoride filters attach to the gravity filter system we use called the Berkey water filter that gets rid of other toxic substances from the supply.

We love our filters and it is the best way we know how to remove fluoride from water besides getting city council to vote it out.

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