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Questions to Ask When Researching Water Filters

By Jeff Wise July 07, 2020

Researching Water Filters

If you're in the market for a water filter, but you're not sure which one is the best, there are several questions to get you started on your search.

First, you want to know how well the filters actually work. No one wants to throw money away on a filtration system that removes very few contaminants.

Think specifically about the contaminants that concern you and you'd like to have removed.

Common Unwanted Contaminants

Are you worried about heavy metals like lead? Do corroded, aging pipes concern you? Do you use well water? What about the concerns of e.coli or man-made PFAs?

Establish your concerns first so you can narrow down you filter searches.

How Will Your System Be Used?

You also want to ask how you're planning to use the filtration system. Will it be used in your home for drinking and cooking water? Or do you plan on using it for camping trips or outdoor gatherings?

The water sources outside of your home may be completely different from the one inside, so having a filtration system that can tackle both is important.

Don't Forget Emergency Preparation

Another thing to consider is emergency situations. Water sources can become contaminated if a natural disaster hits your area. So a trusted water filter comes in handy.

Also, having a filter that can be stored and re-used again later is a nice feature just in case.

Can You Choose a Size That Fits Your Needs?

Size is another important option to consider. Does the system have the size you need for your family?

The best way to see how much water your family will need on a daily basis is to multiply 0.5 gallons by the number of people in your family. That's how large of a system you should buy.

In emergencies, multiply 1.0 gallon by the number of people in your home to determine the minimal requirement per day.

Is a Berkey® Filtration System Right for You?

In your search for a filtration system, be sure to look at Berkey® water filters, and the Black Berkey® Filtration Elements specifically.

The Black Berkey® Filter Elements are super high quality water filters because they have been tested and proven to remove or drastically reduce more than 200 contaminants.

These include heavy metals, e.coli, PFAs, pharmaceuticals, VOCs, pesticides, rust, sediment, and much more.

Black Berkey® elements have been repeatedly tested in several independent labs to ensure that these harmful contaminants are filtered. Multiple samples from different water sources have been tested, with the same effective results.

They are strong enough for the toughest of situations, but also ideal for everyday use. With the ability to successfully filter tap water, well water, and raw water sources, it doesn't matter where you use them.

The Berkey® Filter Lifespan and Portability

They also have a long lifespan compared to other water filters. A pair of Black Berkey® elements can last 6,000 gallons before needing to be replaced.

Filling up a 2.5 gallon system once a day will give you 6.5 years of quality drinking water.

Berkey® systems also come in 7 different sizes to accommodate all families and even businesses, churches, etc.

The systems are easily portable and can be taken on trips or moved to an outdoor party. The elements are also easy to store and re-prime when necessary.

Why a Berkey® Should be a Viable Option

Overall, Berkey® water filters meet the needs for clean, easy, affordable water.

As you research the right water filter system for you, be sure to consider a Berkey® and all of its benefits.

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