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Do Berkey PF-2 Filters Leach Aluminum in Your Water?

By Jeff Wise June 30, 2020

PF-2 Fluoride and Arsenic Filters

Do Berkey PF-2 Filters Leach Aluminum in Your Water?

Every now and then I get a question related to Berkey's PF-2 filters and Aluminum.

These filters, which greatly reduce fluoride and arsenic, use Activated Alumina, or Aluminum Oxide, to get the job done.

We all know that pure Aluminum can be harmful to the human body. So is Aluminum Oxide equally harmful?

The simple answer is no. You don't have to be concerned about drinking Aluminum if you have Berkey PF-2 filters.

How is Aluminum Oxide Different from Pure Aluminum?

Here's why you don't have to worry about your Berkey drinking water. Pure Aluminum and Aluminum Oxide have completely different characteristics.

Pure Aluminum is water-soluble and highly reactive. It has been connected with numerous negative health effects.

Aluminum Oxide, on the other hand, is not water-soluble. It is stable and inert and isn't associated with health problems. It does not leach into your drinking water.

Aluminum Oxide Examples

Other examples of Aluminum Oxide are orthopedic products such as hip and knee joint replacements, dental products, airplane parts, DVD scratch repair kits, cosmetics, and many other products we use regularly.

If these products were made of pure aluminum, they would dissolve when in contact with water. But we know that they don't.

The Beauty of Chemistry

Aluminum by itself is harmful, but when blended with oxygen, it becomes a chemical that can be beneficial. We see other examples of this in chemistry.

Oxygen and hydrogen are both elements that are very flammable. But when combined, they create water, which we know can put out fire.

Chlorine and sodium are also both harmful elements alone, but when combined they create table salt, which can be very beneficial to the human body.

Aluminum Oxide has excellent biocompatibility because it doesn't react to any bodily functions. Mainly because it isn't water-soluble.

How Laboratory Tests Can Falsely Identify Aluminum

When water is tested in laboratories for aluminum contamination, the oxygen atoms are first removed from the source. This is because it is the best way for an ion count to be taken.

The result, though, is that the Aluminum Oxide molecules now appear at Pure Aluminum. These tests can create a false positive of the actual amount of harmful aluminum in drinking water.

But many studies have confirmed that there is a vast difference between Pure Aluminum and Aluminum Oxide, the latter being the compound used in Berkey's PF-2 filters.

Berkey's Water is Safe Water

With all of this information, there is no reason to be concerned by the Aluminum Oxide used to filter out fluoride and arsenic.

Berkey is committed to providing the cleanest and safest water possible, with no stone uncovered.

You can be sure that there is no aluminum in your water supply if you have a Berkey.

I hope we've helped you in regards to your question, "do Berkey PF-2 filters leach aluminum in your water?"

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