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Four Reasons to Buy a Countertop Water Filter

By Jeff Wise August 17, 2020

Four Reasons to Buy a Countertop Water Filter

If you want an efficient and affordable way to provide you and your family with pure clean water, a countertop water filter is the perfect solution.

In the past, these water filters were not a good option. They were expensive, there was not a lot of choice and they were not that efficient. In addition, a lot of them were very ugly.

In the past decade, a lot has changed. The availability of new materials and improved manufacturing techniques has helped the makers of counter based water filters to improve things and come up with a fantastic product.

Today, there are some great ones available. We have found a very good countertop water filtration system. If you want to you can click here and be taken straight to the product page.

However, we hope you choose to read on. Doing so will allow you to find out more about water filtration systems, which will help you to make an informed purchasing decision.

Below we explain why these compact water-filtering systems are such a good option and tell you what to consider when buying one.

At the end, we will tell you a bit more about the countertop water-cleansing product that we have found and why we feel it is such a good option.

#1: Inexpensive

A countertop water purifier is much cheaper than an under the sink water filter. They cost about a third of the price of under the sink water purification filters. The Berkey system, which we recommend, cost as little as $249, and there is no need to pay someone to install it.

As the manufacturer has verified data on, it costs less than 2 cents per gallon!

#2: Compact

On the counter systems are far more compact than they used to be. The filters now go inside the water tanks. They fit easily into the corner of a worktop, taking up an area of less than 10 x 10 inches. Most people have more than enough space for one. Whereas many people find that they do not have space for the under the sink versions.

#3: Transportable

In an emergency such as a natural disaster, the water filter system can be filled and loaded into a van or vehicle. This means that your family will have access to at least some clean water even when disaster strikes.
The Berkey we recommend makes a travel version for camping trips. They also make a water-filtering bottle that is designed to fit into a knapsack.

#4: Easy to Maintain

Maintaining countertop water filtering systems is far easier than maintaining an under the sink version. Most people can maintain their own countertop filtration system.

With an under the sink version changing the filters is tricky and you are on your knees, which is uncomfortable. Re-connecting the pipes to the filter on an under the sink system is very fiddly and most people end up with a leak.

What the Countertop Water Filter Reviews Tell Us

The vast majority of the reviews for countertop water filter systems are very positive. Most people like using this kind of filtration system.

Those that had done their research and bought a good quality system were generally very pleased with their countertop system. The cost of filtering water in this way was found to be very low and most people found their system easy to use and maintain.

Things to Consider When Buying a Water Filtration System

As you can see, there are several good reasons to buy an on the counter water filtration system. Now we are going to tell you what you need to consider if you are going to buy one.

Water Quality

Before buying any kind of water filtration system, you need to find out how pure the filtered water will be. Some systems only filter out physical contaminants. If you want drinking water that is safe, you need a system that filters out all contaminants instead of just a few of the worst kind.

The best systems are able to filter out parasites, silt, chemicals, heavy metals and common bacterium. It is now possible to buy countertop water purification systems that are capable of turning river or lake water into safe drinking water.


If you are short on space, the size of the filtration system is an important factor. With a countertop system, you need to check how tall it is as well as how much counter space it needs.

If you are not planning to put the filtration system on a countertop, you need to think about weight. Water is very heavy, so you will need to use your filtration system on a surface that can bear the weight. A kitchen counter will normally bear the weight, but a glass table may not.

Purification Rate

In some situations, how quickly it filters the water is an important consideration. If you only need it to make a few cups of coffee, a slow filtration rate is not a problem.

On the other hand, if you install one in a community center it may have to occasionally cope with making coffee for 50 or 60 people once an hour. Therefore, knowing the purification rate of your filter system can be important.

Cost of Filters

It is always wise to check how much replacement water filters will cost. You should also find out how often they need to be changed.

Ease of Use

You need to make sure that any filtration system you are considering buying is easy to use. Most have a simple tap, so normally there are no issues, but double check.

Ease of Maintenance

Most countertop water filter systems are extremely easy to maintain. However, you should make sure that is the case for the model you are considering buying. Changing a tight filter may not be viable for you, so you may need to buy another model that is easier to maintain.

Our Recommendation

We feel that the best range of countertop filtration systems are sold by Berkey. You can click here to find out more about their range.

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