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Berkey Fluoride Filter – For Pure Drinking Water

By Jeff Wise August 20, 2020 2 comments

Berkey Fluoride Filter

Every heard of a Berkey fluoride filter?

Everyone knows how important it is to drink water, but the truth is tap water is filled with elements that pose health risks, in particular fluoride.

The Berkey Fluoride Filter was designed to do just that, remove fluoride, but is it successful? This review takes a look at how well the Berkey PF 2 filter works and what other contaminants it can remove.

How the Filter Works

This Berkey fluoride filter review will start with a brief overview of how the device works.

When you install the system and it is set in the Black Berkey filtration elements, fluoride reduction takes place, effectively serving as a barrier for unhealthy contaminants.

What makes this one of the best fluoride water filter systems available is it functions as a post filter, and better yet is completely compatible with other Berkey systems.

A bit of information about fluoride first: fluoride has been added to water beginning in the 1950s, but numerous scientific reports and studies have emerged proving that it brings no health benefits.

The justification for this is that fluoride is good for your teeth, a claim that has been disputed by scientists. Furthermore, even if fluoride has benefits, water passes by your teeth very quickly that any positive effect is negated.

Berkey has manufactured a good number of different filters, but what they all share in common is adherence to the highest quality standards. These filters meet and in many cases exceed EPA NSF/ANSI standards.

Proof of this is the fact that the Red Cross, UNICEF, the Peace Corps and other organizations use these products during their missions.

Efficiency of The Berkey PF2 Filters

The primary purpose of the device is to remove fluoride and it works very well. In addition, the device filters out the pre-oxidized arsenic III, arsenic V and other heavy metals.

Based on tests, the filters do get rid of these heavy metals and this can be attributed to its proprietary reduction method.

Berkey developed a method specifically to remove fluoride, but through the years they’ve expanded their techniques to include other metals. The reduction rate efficacy is at 95% or higher depending on the source, which is impressive to say the least.

To underscore its importance, just remember that fluoride and arsenic are nothing more than toxic wastes. These are poisons that don’t do your body any good.

For maximum effect you should replace the Berkey fluoride filters every six months or after every 1,000 gallons (3,785 liters). So if you have a 2 gallon Big Berkey system and you make two refills a day, you’ll be consuming 4 gallons of water daily.

Under this scenario, the filters will be good for 250 days or eight months (1000 gallons / 4 equals 250).

This doesn’t mean you can’t use the filter after 8 months, but the efficiency will go down a bit. But you only need to replace the filters every six or eight months is no big deal and saves you money and time.

What makes the filters especially attractive to homeowners is that even high levels of arsenic, heavy metals and fluoride do not reduce its capacity or efficiency.


  • Removes fluoride
  • The filters last a long time
  • Does not negatively affect the taste of water
  • Easy to install on a water cooler
  • Water flows smoothly and quickly


  • Plastic casing might not appeal to some people
  • New users might find the installation difficult at first

Other Benefits and Advantages

These filters are more than capable of removing a host of other heavy metal ions. Arsenic and fluoride get all the attention, but these also eliminate chromium-6, chlorine, benzene, VOCs, mercury and other toxic chemicals.

This might seem like overkill for some, but you’ll be shocked at the number of contaminants present in water.

Second, the filters rely on gravity so water pressure or electricity isn’t required. All you need to do is add water on the upper chamber and watch it filter to the bottom chamber, purified and ready.

Third, the filters are portable which makes it ideal for carrying around when on a trip or there’s an emergency. Fourth, the filters are versatile, and some even use it to clean pond water. Nowhere in the product description does it say it should be used that way, but it works.

These filters are also very affordable and as indicated earlier, is good for 250 days so there’s no need to replace them every two months. If you crunch the numbers these filters are way more cost effective than the other filters sold today, and this is on top of the health benefits you receive.

Last but not the least, the water tastes great. When you’ve tasted pure, fresh, clean water, you’ll never go back to old contaminated water. The water isn’t just cleaner but also tastes better, so why settle for a contaminated source?

What Customers Say About Berkey Fluoride Filters

The general consensus of consumers and customers is that the product does an excellent job filtering out contaminants without affecting the taste.

Lisa wrote a review on an online retail site and says that the filter is essential if you have the Berkey water filtration system.

Another positive review was given by Andrew, who actually submitted the filter to several tests.

First he bought a different filter brand, and the result was 0.79 ppm, whereas with the Berkey it was down to 0.06.

This experiment has been repeated by other consumers with similar results, a testament to its efficiency.

Based on these and other reviews, it’s clear that the filters do work, and reviewers also agree that it offers good value for your money due to its long lifespan.

Final Thoughts on The Berkey Fluoride Filter

The Berkey water filter fluoride is as good as advertised when it comes to fluoride removal and in spite of the name, the PF 2 filter also does a good job getting rid of other contaminants.

Installation could have been a bit easier but it’s not a serious issue and by following the directions you’ll be able to get it in place. If you want clean drinking water, this should be your first option.

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