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Hydration in Hot Weather for Your Family

By Jeff Wise July 24, 2023

Summer months are great, but this is the time of year when you need to be most aware of hydration in hot weather. Especially when it comes to kids.

When the weather is hotter, it's easier to dehydrate. You're losing water through sweat, so more water consumption is necessary to prevent dehydration.

Kids don't typically think about dehydration and they could easily spend hours outside playing without taking a water break.

Hydration In Hot Weather

How Much Should You Drink During Hot Weather?

When you're out working or playing in the heat, it's recommended that you drink 8 ounces of water every 15-20 minutes.

It's better to drink small amounts between short intervals than to wait a long time and drink a large amount all at once.

If you have kids, encourage them to drink often while they're playing in the heat.

Take water to them if they're outside. Or if they're playing a sport, remind them to drink regularly.

What is the Best Drink for Hydration in Hot Weather?

When you or your kids are spending a lot of time in the heat, there are certain drinks you should not consume.

Drinks like coffee, tea, beer, liquor, and sodas will dry you out and make hydrating more difficult.

The best thing to drink is water – and a lot of it!

Clean, refreshing water is the best form of hydration. If you want to indulge in those other drinks, just make sure you're drinking a lot of water with it.

Another great option we recommend is LMNT powder.

This is a rejuvenating, hydrating drink that is great for when you're exerting energy outdoors in the heat.

LMNT is the best electrolyte drink for hot weather because it doesn’t contain sugar, which contributes to dehydration.

Ultimately, water is the best way to beat the heat and hydration.

Other Tips to Stay Hydrated During Hot Weather

Other than drinking plenty of clean water, there are other ways to make sure you and your family don't suffer from dehydration during the summer months.

First, it's good to know the signs of dehydration.

If you're familiar with the signs, you're more likely to avoid the nasty results of being dehydrated.

Second, make sure you find ways to cool down to have proper hydration in hot weather.

Wear light-weight and light-colored clothing.

If possible, plan outdoor activities during the cooler hours of the day. And also, find ways to get indoors occasionally.

If you know you'll be outside for a long time, wear a hat or use a mist sprayer to cool down.

Do whatever it takes to prevent heat stroke and dehydration.

Hydration Year Round

While it's more challenging to remain hydrated during hot, summer months, hydration is important all year round.

It's always wise to think about staying hydrated while involved in extracurricular activities and anything that creates exertion.

But, even when you're not active, hydration is necessary.

Learn how to stay hydrated all year round here.

Heat and Hydration for Your Family

We at Berkey Clean Water hope you and your family have fun and enjoy these warmer months.

Drink plenty of clean water to make sure you and your family are staying healthy and hydrated in the heat.

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