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Emergency Prep While on Vacation

By Jeff Wise July 11, 2023

Much goes into planning a family vacation, and emergency prep should be a consideration when making plans.

In day-to-day life, it's always good to be prepared for an emergency.

We don't usually anticipate something bad happening when we're traveling, though. But it's good to be prepared just in case.

A couple of years ago, one of my old friends was traveling with her family to Disney World.

During their drive, she had an unexpected heart attack.

Thankfully she survived and made it back home, but it was a scary experience for their family.

There are three steps you can take to prep for emergencies before you leave for a vacation.

Emergency Prep While on Vacation

Emergency Prep Tip #1: Be Familiar with Your Surroundings

Wherever you're planning to go, get to know the area beforehand.

One thing you can do is figure out where the closest hospital will be in case you have a medical emergency.

Even the nearest walk-in clinic will be helpful to know for any unexpected illnesses.

Also, get to know the area's natural disaster risks.

Are you headed to the beach during hurricane season? Is your trip destination experiencing its tornado season?

Track weather updates ahead of time so you can be prepared for whatever may be coming your way.

If there's a potential for bad weather, learn evacuation routes or back roads in case you need to use them. Finding nearby shelters could also prove beneficial.

Emergency Prep Tip #2: Have Your Affairs in Order

Before planning a trip, make sure that all important documents are updated.

This includes car insurance, driver's licenses, medical insurance cards, and passports.

Take care of everything at home too before you leave.

Unplug outlets and adjust your thermostat to an energy-saving level. Hold your mail if necessary.

Inform neighbors or family members that you're leaving town so they can keep an eye on your house.

By taking these simple steps, it could save you trouble if there's an emergency.

That could be an emergency on the road, like a car wreck. Or it could be an emergency at home (a house fire, for example).

Emergency Prep Tip #3: Take Emergency Preparedness Supplies with You

No matter what emergency you might face, a safety kit will help.

This kit may include multiple items, depending on where you're traveling.

You should have a first aid kit, flashlights, and batteries. Food and water are also necessary.

Include in your safety kit a list of contact information. What relative should be called in the event of an emergency?

Add your physician and dentist to the contact list too.

If you're traveling overseas, keep all of your passports and other documents together.

You probably also need a copy of your family's birth certificates.

In fact, if you're planning to travel overseas, there are many things you should know to prepare for a crisis. Read all about it here.

Think ahead before you travel to decide what you will need for your emergency safety kit.

Preparing for Emergencies Before a Trip is Important

When you're planning a family vacation, the last thing you want to think about is unexpected emergencies.

But it's wise to do so.

Hopefully, you won’t need the first aid kit or the hospital location, but it's better to know that information beforehand.

If you and your family are planning a getaway, take a few minutes to do some emergency prep. You'll feel better because you did.

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