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The Best Camping Water Filter

By Kristy Wise August 01, 2023

Camping is a great family activity, and it's important to have a quality camping water filter for those outdoor excursions.

It takes a lot of planning to camp. You need the right supplies. First, you need to know which type of shelter you will utilize.

Will you use a tent for sleeping? Avid campers tend to buy either a travel trailer, a pop-up camper, an RV, or something in that realm.

Other necessary camping supplies may include sleeping bags, pillows, camping chairs, cooking supplies, flashlights, matches, a first aid kit, and a pocket knife.

It really depends on how you're camping (and for how long) to decide what supplies you will need.

Best Camping Water Filter

Don't Forget the Best Camping Water Filter

No matter how you're planning to camp, clean drinking water is one of the most important necessities.

We recommend a Berkey water filter system as a camping companion.

One great thing about Berkey systems is they are portable and easy to assemble and disassemble.

The black filters can be stored while you're traveling to the campsite and then reassembled as you're setting up camp.

It's very easy and worth the effort.

Whether you're using an RV, a camper, or a tent, a Berkey will fit nicely in your campsite.

It is definitely the best portable water filter for camping.

Another Benefit of Camping with Berkey

Berkey water filters are also beneficial because they're so powerful and dependable.

They remove more than 200+ contaminants and can filter from natural sources, like lakes and rivers.

This is perfect because you can use any natural water source near your campsite, and the Berkey camping filter will filter it and create pure drinking water.

You don't have to worry about using bottled water either if you have a Berkey while camping. This saves on trash and water waste.

Why Clean Water is Important

Clean drinking water is important no matter where you are or what you're doing.

But while you're camping, it's especially necessary to take the right steps to make sure you and your family have clean water.

Campgrounds tend to use well water that hasn't been treated, so there are different contamination risks than you might find in your home.

E.coli is a common contaminant in campground water and this has been a problem across the United States.

The best way to ensure your family won't get sick from drinking water at a campground is to have your own reliable camping water system.

A Berkey is perfect for that!

Other Great Camping Water Filter Accessories

In addition to a Berkey, there are other good companions for your camping water system.

Priming is an important step in ensuring that your Berkey will flow smoothly and quickly.

You definitely don't want to run out of water while you're camping.

We recommend you pre-prime your Berkey filters before leaving for your camping trip.

But, it's also helpful to take the Prime Rite with you on your trip.

The Prime Rite will allow you to easily prime your Berkey black elements while you're camping.

If you're planning to be at a location that doesn't have running water, you'll need the Black Berkey Primer.

With this primer, you can prime your camping water filter with just a bucket of water.

Another great Berkey product to have while camping is the Sport Berkey.

These portable, hand-held bottles also clean water from any source.

The Sport Berkey is perfect for hiking, canoeing, or any other camping activity where you wouldn't be close to your Berkey system.

Get one for each member of the family!

It's More Fun with the Right Water Filter

Camping is a lot of fun and can create many family memories.

As a kid, my family camped all the time. Sometimes we slept in tents.

For several years we owned a pop-up camper. We really felt like royalty then!

I remember waking up to the simple sounds of acorns falling, birds chirping, and the crackling of a morning fire made by my dad.

We played in the creek, took hikes, rode our bikes, and roasted marshmallows. Those are great memories for me.

One thing we didn't have was a quality camping water filter. I honestly don't even know how we drank water.

Today, you need a good water filter to safely enjoy the experience of camping. Water contamination is a big problem and you definitely don't want to come home sick from a camping trip.

If you own a Berkey water filter, take it with you on camping trips. If you don't own a Berkey and love to camp, now is the time to look into a good system for your family.

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