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Why Berkey Is the Best RV Water Filter

By Jeff Wise October 31, 2021

Are you living a nomadic life on the road in your RV? If your answer is yes, you're living a life that many people envy you for, and with good reason. You get to travel around the country, see historic landmarks, and take in all the natural beauty that America has to offer.

However, what people don't think about when they're daydreaming about an RV trip is all the logistics that go into living on the road. One of the most important things to think about is your water source. What's the best RV water filter system?

In this guide, we're going to break down why the Berkey water filter is the best option for RVers. Let's dive in.

Best RV Water Filter

Why You Need an RV Water Filter System

As we said, your water source is one of the most important logistical factors when it comes to taking an RV trip across the country. You need high-quality drinking, cooking, and cleaning water, and if you're traveling to remote areas off the grid, you need to be able to filter your water yourself.

In the past, RVers have stocked up on bottled water for RV drinking water. Not only is bottled water bad for the environment, but it also takes up a lot of valuable storage space in your RV.

Plus, what happens if you run out of water bottles and you are nowhere near a grocery store? Take control of your water source with a water filter system.

When you have a compact RV water filter system like the Berkey, you will have way less waste to deal with. Additionally, the compact size means you will have more room for other valuable items in your RV, like food or outdoor equipment. Let's look at what makes the Berkey filter the best RV water filter, along with how it works, next.

Why the Berkey Filter is the Best RV Water Filter System

Veteran RV travelers love the Berkey for several reasons. First of all, it produces incredible clean and safe water that tastes great. It was designed for outdoor adventures, so you can rely on your Berkey anywhere. 

Are you planning to spend a few days camping out in the wilderness? Your Berkey water filter system can filter water from natural sources like lakes, rivers, streams, and even rainwater. 

As long as you have access to a water source, you'll never find yourself in an emergency situation without clean water when you bring along a Berkey water filter. 

Another reason why RV travelers love the Berkey filter is that it's a great way to save money on the road. The Berkey filter may seem like a more expensive purchase upfront, but you need to consider the long-term savings it can offer you.

Depending on how much water you drink, the Berkey filters can last for years. To maintain it, you just need to clean the stainless steel chambers once a month. Plus, keep in mind that using a Berkey eliminates weekly water bottle spending.

If you're not careful, you can end up spending tons of money on supplies for your RV trip. Utilizing free water sources instead of bottled water is a great way to trim down your budget.

The Berkey filter is also portable and easy to transport. It comes in various sizes, including smaller options that don't take up much counter space. 

Finally, the Berkey filter is a beautiful water filter that looks much nicer than a plastic pitcher filter. You'll love seeing it on your countertop and knowing that you're drinking the cleanest water while you travel the world in your RV.

How Does the Berkey Water Filter System Work?

The most important thing to consider when choosing a water filter system is how well it actually works. When you're traveling through different regions of the country, it's crucial to know what contaminants your filter can remove to make all naturally-sourced water safe to cook with and drink.

The Berkey is more than just a water filter, it's a water magician. It uses the trademarked black Berkey water filter to remove unwanted chemicals, and the following contaminants:

You can also add on a fluoride filter to remove fluoride from your drinking water. The beauty of the Berkey is that, unlike other filter systems, it removes all of the harmful water contaminants without removing the healthy minerals that you need for your overall wellbeing.

Other filter types completely strip your water of minerals. With a Berkey, the bad stuff gets out while the good stuff stays in.

The Berkey water filter works by using a gravity-fed filtration system. It has two chambers: the top chamber where you pour in the water to go through the filter, and the bottom chamber where the clean drinking water is held.

Depending on which size you choose, the chambers range from a 1.5 gallon to a six-gallon capacity. Most RVers prefer the Travel Berkey or the Big Berkey since it's easy to transport and doesn't take up too much counter space.

Final Thoughts On the Berkey Water Filter For RV

When you go with the Berkey filter for your RV water filter system, you can rest easy and get back to planning the fun parts of your RV trip. No matter what, you will have access to clean and great-tasting drinking, cooking, and cleaning water.

Additionally, you'll save time, money, and storage space when you use an effective and portable water filter system like the Berkey. With a variety of different sizes, you can find the perfect one for your RV, bus, van, or fifth-wheel.

You'll never forget your days traveling around the country in your home on wheels. The memories will last a lifetime, and the Berkey water filter RV will be there for you on every leg of the journey. Shop our Berkey water filter systems for your RV trip today. 

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