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Home Canning Carrots - Safe and Simple

By Jeff Wise January 21, 2021

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Canning carrots is a fantastic way for you to preserve them. You can take advantage of the sales that stores have or you can simply can the carrots that you grow in your own garden.

Either way, it gives you the chance to make them into tasty sides, simple soups or roasted vegetables at a later date.

Ready to get started?

Then simply take a look below to find our canned carrot recipe.

Canning Fresh Carrots

Using a Pressure Canner to Can Carrots

Canned carrots are fast, easy and handy to have in your cupboard.

If you have never canned something before then you may think that the whole thing is overwhelming.

This is not the case at all, in fact, canning carrots is very easy to do.

All American Pressure Canner

Canned Carrots Recipe


Preparing the Carrots

To start out with, you will need to wash your carrots really well.

You can peel them if you want, depending on what you want to use them for. You then need to slice them.

Ideally they shouldn’t be more than 1 ½ inches thick. When you have gotten to this stage, you’ll need to pack them into a jar.

Leave around one inch at the top for headspace when ball canning carrots.

Filling the Jars

Add around a teaspoon of salt for every quart jar you have. This is of course, optional but it is highly recommended.

Carrots can be bland and if you add salt after they have been canned then this won't do much for them.

You then need to ladle some boiling water over the carrots, leaving around an inch of headspace.

A canning knife can be used at this point to remove any air bubbles. This is always a good idea when pressure canning carrots. 

The water bath will essentially keep your carrots fresh and when they are canned, they will last for months, sometimes years!

Pressure Canning Carrots

Ball Canning Carrots

Canning fresh carrots is preferably done by using a pressure canner.

Process pints for around 25 minutes, quarts for around 30 minutes and put the pressure at 10lbs.

Ball canning carrots really is that simple, and you would be surprised at how easy it is for you to not only preserve them, but to also keep them on hand should you ever fall short for a roast dinner or a vegetable soup.

Super Simple Syrup for Preserving Carrots in Jars

Do you want to make pressure canning carrots way more fun and exciting?

Then why not think about trying to preserve them in syrup? This syrup-based canned carrot recipe is ideal for those who love sweet carrots.

A Guide to Canning Carrots in Syrup


  • 2-3lbs of Carrots
  • 1 Cup of Brown Sugar
  • 1 Cup of Water
  • 1 Cup of Orange Juice

Preparing the Syrup

If you want to prepare the syrup solution then you need to combine brown sugar, water and orange juice in a pot.

You then need to cook it over a medium heat. Make sure that you keep on stirring it until the sugar fully dissolves.

You also need to make sure that you keep the syrup hot until you pour it into the jar.

Ball canning this way is not only fun, but tasty!

Video: Pressure Canning Carrots Step By Step

Are There Other Ways to Preserve Carrots?

There are numerous methods when it comes to preserving carrots in jars.

If you want to try and explore them then you need to take the time to find out which option is most suited to your canning equipment as well as finding out if there are specific bonuses you like with each one.

Some recipes require you to blanch the carrots first, which for example, may not be ideal if you don’t have a long time to can your carrots.

Why did my Carrots Turn a Different Color?

If your carrots turned a different color before you canned them then there’s a high chance that you peeled them and that you simply left it too long before you canned them.

Do I need to Peel Carrots for Canning?

It’s completely up to you whether or not you peel carrots before you can them.

A lot of people choose not to peel them because it is easier, but also because it gives them more versatility as to what they can use the canned products for.

Is the Method the Same for Homegrown, Organic and Store-Bought Carrots?

Yes, the method and the recipes listed here are all suited to organic, store-bought and homegrown carrots.

Don't be intimidated by canning carrots. It's easy, fun, and you'll love having those stored carrots later.

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