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Berkey Water Filtration Makes You Feel Secure

By Jeff Wise March 10, 2020

Berkey Water Filtration

When I first learned about Berkey water filtration I felt secure because I knew I was drinking pure water with no contaminants.

I felt safe because I knew I was providing something precious to my family.

Regardless if you are single or have a family, I want to tell you all about my experiences so you can make an informed decision regarding what kind of water you are drinking.

Berkey Water Filtration Is Powerful

It isn't powerful in the sense that it's this hard working machine with bells and whistles.

It's not a system which can only be hooked up by a man in a white coat and goggles.

This system is what I like to call powerfully quiet. Berkey filtration is actually a gravity water filter system.

It take minutes to set up and it is pretty much hands off after that. Once you have it set up all you do is pour water in the top and that's it.

Anybody can do that right! It then quietly filters the water through the Black Berkey filtation elements and produces clean water.

The contaminants are captured on and within these micro-porous elements and are separated from the water.

The water is then found in the lower chamber of the system and can be accessed through the spigot.

Even my kids can get clean water all by themselves!

The elements are cleanable and can be used over and over again.

In fact, my personal tests have found that you can consistently use the filtering elements for a whole year. 

Why Berkey Water Makes Me Feel Secure

I've used the cheap filters from the store before. I used different brands and different methods.

What I found out was that none of them filtered what I needed out of my water.

I began to learn about all the contaminants in my water and found out that the same impurities are in everyone's water.

Yes, we're talking about supposed treated city water. Don't get me started! I discovered Berkey and it was game over.

There are a ton of contaminants that the Berkey eliminates or reduces and you can read about that in our blog, but I want to tell you about heavy metals.

These little guys are quite dangerous and can cause some serious health problems.

They are especially dangerous for children because their bodies are still growing.

Did you know in recent years the amount of aluminum has gone up drastically?

I have theories based on a mountain of evidence but I won't go into that here.

Respiratory and nervous system disorders are just a few issues that aluminum is associated with.

It's in our water and it's also in our trees, bushes and grass.

Just knowing that a Berkey reduces that plus lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium and copper makes me feel secure with what I'm drinking.

I urge you to look into a Berkey water filtration system today and make a choice to provide clean water because I can guarantee you'll feel secure.

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