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Portable Water Purifier - When Would I Need One?

By Jeff Wise March 10, 2020

When talking about a portable water purifier, many people automatically think of hiking, camping, survival or doomsday scenarios.

There is nothing wrong with that because those are all fine and legitimate.

If I were to talk about that with many of the people I interact with they might just blow me off.

Let's explore why it's kosher to consider something like this no matter who you are and what you do.

Portable Water Purifier - Why Me and Why Now?

This is the question that arises especially for the typical suburban family. After all, isn't the water from your sink safe?

Isn't the restaurant where I pay $50 per meal giving me safe water to drink? Guess again!

I wrote an article about three hundred pollutants in your water according to official testing.

The Environmental Working Group reviewed more than 20 million records and found disinfection byproducts, nitrate, arsenic, fluoride and even a fuel additive.

This is all in addition to chlorine, heavy metals and pesticides. Most restaurants use the same tap water that comes to your house.

Sometimes it's worse because they get it right from their dirty sinks and also through the soda machine.

You know, the little tab labeled "water" which has 14 other flavors mixed in.

Really gross when you think about it, right? The "why you" part is because it affects everyone and these contaminants will affect your health. Why now?

Despite the candid reporting from the Environmental Working Group, nothing has been done to ensure your city is providing pure water.

Some cities are voting out fluoride and that's really great, but many people are still gulping pesticides and mercury.

Portable Water Purifier - When and How?

You can use a portable water filter any day at any time. In my personal experience I've used one overseas, at work, restaurants, theme parks and the zoo.

Those are just a few examples but I believe you are starting to get the point.

Many of these places provide free water so all you need to do is pour the water in your special bottle and you're good to go.

Don't worry about what other people will think when you do this. In reality, nobody cares you have a water filter bottle and they are probably curious and wishing they had one too.

When asked, I usually just say it's a special water filter bottle and smile. I only bring up information about contaminated water if they ask.

You can fit a water bottle in your bag, backpack and even just carry it with you.

The whole purpose of a portable water purifier is to drink pure and healthy water and you would need one for just about any situation.

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