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55 Gallon Water Barrel Review - Best For Preparedness?

By Jeff Wise March 10, 2020

55 Gallon Water Barrel ReviewThe 55 Gallon Water Barrel is one of the most popular water storage barrels available today, as lots and lots of people are buying it.

If you're looking for a quality and BPA free water barrel, then this could be the perfect solution.

I've personally researched this and there really aren't that many quality ones out there.

Something I keep hearing from people is that there are several reasons as to why they want to buy one.

Some people buy them for normal preparation such as for earthquakes, hurricanes and any other disaster.

You can go a few days without food but it's vitally important to have water on hand.

I would personally much rather have water stored and ready to go through my Berkey water filter than have to leave my house and stand in a mile long line for handouts.

This emergency water storage drum is a best seller, but there are a few things you should know about it before you buy, so let's find out why.

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Table of Contents (click ahead!) Barrel Type      Barrel Sizes       Features     Barrel Design     Customer Reviews     Pros & Cons

55 Gallon Water Barrel Type

(Back to Top) The 55 Gallon Water Barrel is specifically designed for use indoors or outdoors.

It would actually be best to store it in the garage once you've filled it up. Having a water storage drum is the easiest way by far to have long-term security in case of an emergency.

This storage drum will provide enough water for drinking, cooking, and light personal sanitation for a family of four under normal minimum emergency recommendations.

55 Gallon Water Barrel Sizes

(Back to Top) There is only one size available for this drum and it's typically the same size no matter what brand or company you buy from.

The dimensions are 34 3/4" x 22 3/4". You can easily fit this in the corner of your garage or even in a nice sized laundry or utility room inside the house.

When the barrel is filled, it will weigh approximately 470 pounds.

55 Gallon Water Barrel Features

(Back to Top) There are a number of features for this drum that make it unique and special. Besides the different sizes, this barrel has the following:
  • This combo includes the barrel, a bung & gas wrench, and an emergency siphon.
  • Long-term permanent home water storage solution
  • Made from heavy-duty, thick, high molecular weight polyethylene FDA approved resin and BPA free
  • Has a dark blue color that restricts light and helps control growth of harmful algae and bacteria
  • The emergency siphon gives you an easy, efficient way to remove water from your storage barrel in the event of an emergency.
  • The Gas and Bung wrench fits perfectly with this barrel, and it also works as a gas shutoff wrench when you need one.

55 Gallon Water Barrel Design

(Back to Top) This 55 Gallon Water Barrel is a really good looking drum but what else would you expect? It's got a dark blue color and it has black writing on the front of it.

The emergency siphon is clear and the bung and gas wrench are red.

I've seen dark green and brown rain barrels but most of the emergency water storage containers are blue.

It's easy to identify as water and not some other liquid. It will really do you no good to have a cool or flashy design because this will be stored indoors most of the time.

I've never seen one of these in any store so the closest look you'll have is with my pictures and the video above.

55 Gallon Water Barrel Customer Reviews

(Back to Top)
"I'm shocked that no one else has reviewed this product. It's simple, straightforward. I rinsed the tank out filled it with water...(read more here: 55 Gallon Water Barrel Review)
"I am no expert on water barrel quality, but this one is obviously sturdy and well made. The wrench is a bit on cheap side but given the fact that I only expect to use it a few times...(read more here: 55 Gallon Water Barrel Review)

Amazon Rating: 4.25


Pros & Cons

(Back to Top) Pros: There are quite a few pros for this water storage barrel but the biggest one I've heard people say is that it really gives them a peace of mind knowing they and their family are prepared for any disaster concerning water availability. I also heard people say it was very simple and easy to use and store. The final pro I found is that it's very durable and of high quality so you can have confidence it will last a long time.

Cons: The main con I found was that this product seems a bit pricey. I have to agree somewhat because it seems to be just a big hunk of plastic. I have looked around and researched and most of these storage units for water are in this same price range.

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