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Is It Really Important to Drink Clean Water?

By Jeff Wise May 30, 2023

Americans have become so accustomed to having treated water at our fingertips, that it's easy to forget the importance of drinking clean water.

There's a long, disturbing history of transmittable diseases being passed through water sources.

Contaminated water has led to such diseases as cholera, dysentery, typhoid, hepatitis A, and more.

During the Industrial Revolution, cities with poor sanitation sometimes suffered heartbreaking epidemics. If only they knew then what we know now.

Is It Really Important to Drink Clean Water?

Contaminated Water Still a Problem Today

Worldwide, this problem still exists in many areas, where clean drinking water isn't accessible.

Around 829,000 people die each year from diarrhea caused by water contamination. (Source)

In addition, in 2017 more than 220 million were treated for schistomiasis, a parasitic worm disease caused by water infestation.

What Does This Have to Do with America?

You're probably thinking, "That's really terrible, but how does that affect me?"

Thankfully, because we have treated water and better sanitation in our cities and rural areas, most of these water-borne diseases aren't prevalent in America.

But that doesn't mean that our tap water is safe to drink.

Even drinking treated water doesn't remove all of the contamination.

Many heavy metals, microorganisms, pharmaceuticals, chlorine, nitrates, and a host of other contaminants leak into our waterways and cause short- or long-term illness.

In Google, search for "boil water advisory news" and you'll be surprised at how many results there are. I discovered 4.36 million results!

Regularly consuming contaminants found in treated water can lead to long-term illnesses like kidney dysfunction, heart damage, immune system dysfunction, and even cancer.

It's best to avoid these toxins as much as possible.

How to Solve the Problem of Water Contamination

The best way to drink clean water is to make sure you have a quality water filtration system.

Many cheap systems only remove a few contaminants, and do so at such a small percentage.

Berkey water filters drastically reduce (by at least 99%) more than 200 contaminants.

In addition, Berkey keeps healthy minerals in the water, making Berkey water healthy, clean, and pure.

It is important to drink clean water. Tap water may be better than other water sources around the world, but it’s not the cleanest option.

Choose a quality water filter to ensure you and your family are avoiding water contamination. Choose a Berkey.

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