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Heavy Metals Found in Natural Water Supplies

By Jeff Wise May 23, 2023

In our current society, there are many ways heavy metals leak into natural water supplies and eventually contaminate our tap water and well water.

This is hazardous and should be avoided at all costs!

Heavy Metals Found in Natural Water Supplies

What are heavy metals and why are they harmful?

Heavy metals are elements that exhibit metals or metalloids. They have a relatively high density, and they are highly toxic and carcinogenic.

Unsafe exposure to them can adversely affect DNA and lead to health and environmental problems.

In addition to cancer, they damage the liver, kidneys, and intestines. They can also cause anemia.

Heavy metals in body is just not the best thing for us.

It's best to keep your family away from toxic metals as much as possible.

Toxic Metals Detected in Water Supplies

Toxic metals include mercury, lead, arsenic, chromium, antimony, cadmium, and copper.

There are different ways they leach into our natural water supplies, many of them being industrial.

Certain industries like mining, municipal waste, and cement plants can cause heavy metal leakage.

Other ways toxic metals get into natural water supplies are through electronics manufacturers, petroleum refineries, and plumbing and service lines.

From Natural Water Supplies to Your Drinking Water

They can contaminate private well water through groundwater movement, run-off, or contaminated water seeping into the soil from the surface.

Even with treated water that comes through your tap, traces of heavy metals are still found in the majority of public drinking water supplies.

Removing Heavy Metals from Water

It's impossible to eliminate all metals from natural water supplies.

But there is something we can do to avoid consuming them in our water.

A Berkey water filter system removes all heavy metals at around 99.9%. Most water filter systems can't do that.

Or if they do remove metals, it's not by a large percentage.

For this reason, when you're drinking Berkey water, you know you don't have to worry about consuming them.

You can also be confident that your children are drinking healthy, clean water.

While we can't avoid metals in natural water sources, we can avoid drinking them. And that's good news!

Remove heavy metals with a Berkey today.

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