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How To Store Drinking Water The Best Way

By Jeff Wise March 10, 2020

How To Store Drinking Water

People who want to be prepared for uncertain times really need to know how to store drinking water.

On the radio I heard a top blogger on preparedness topics give a top five list for what we need to be prepared with.

Water was number three I believe and that shows you how important water storage is.

You see, when a natural disaster, man-made disaster or any uncertain event occurs there are many instances when the power and running water go out.

As the survivalist was explaining this it really opened my eyes.

You see, when a situation like this happens you either have prepared with water storage at your house or you will have to go get it from natural sources.

Either way, you'll need to purify it without electricity and that's where the Berkey comes into play. What I really want to talk about though is how do we store it in advance?

Tips on Storage

1. I wrote a post about a 55 gallon water barrel. This is recommended by top preppers as the best option.

Some folks even bought used plastic 55 gallon drums that had been used for soft drink syrup and cleaned the out.

Some people ask how in the world do you keep these in your garage conspicuous?

After all, many of us live in the suburbs and not in the country. Every time you open the garage people will look in there and ask why you have three huge blue barrels.

There are actually a couple of easy ways to keep them out of site. You can either place tarps over them and drape them in flattened cardboard boxes.

Either of those options make it just look like a messy part of your garage.

That's the way my garage looked growing up with my parents and we didn't have water barrels.

2. Preppers recommend two gallons of water per day per person.

3. When you store water, treat it with iodine or Clorox or boil. You should rotate the water in and out every six months.

4. With a pending emergency situation you can fills bathtubs and swimming pools with water.

5. Remember that the water isn't just for drinking but for cooking, hygiene and waste.

Emergency Water Storage Containers

Water storage is probably the least expensive item to prepare for in prepping.

There are several options and instead of writing a long description for each I want to actually show you pictures of them and the opportunity to click on it and read more about it.

BPA Free 55-gallon BarrelBPA Free 55-gallon BarrelWaterBOB Water StorageWaterBOB Water StorageAqua-Tainer 7 GallonAqua-Tainer 7 GallonFold-A-Carrier, 5 GallonsFold-A-Carrier, 5 Gallons55 Gallon Water Preserver55 Gallon Water PreserverWaterBrick Stackable ContainerWaterBrick Stackable Container

Again, I own the waterBOB but maybe you have more room in your garage than I do and can fit a few water barrels.

I've seen someone who basically stacked two on top of two others for a total of four. I think that would be plenty of water for emergency preparedness.

So there are a few options for you pictured above.

We know we need to be ready for anything and water is the number one option before everything else including food. Do you have any experience with this topic?

Have you found something works better for you than other solutions? Please leave your thoughts below.

Watch: 5 Tips on How to Store Drinking Water



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