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How To Store Black Berkey Filters

By Jeff Wise May 06, 2020

How To Store Black Berkey Filters
Looking for the best way to store black Berkey filters?

There are several reasons one may want to store their Black Berkey filtration elements. Perhaps they're leaving for a long trip and leaving the Berkey behind.

Or perhaps they're taking the Berkey with them while they travel. Or they've just received an extra set of elements and would like to save them for the future.

It depends on the reason for how you care for and store your elements. Here's what to do in these situations.

How to Store Black Berkey Filters While Away on a Trip

Typically, if you're taking a trip, it's ideal to re-prime your elements when you return home. This will remove any dust or particles that have been sitting in your Berkey.

But it's a good idea not to just leave your Berkey as is when you go away.

Emptying the water and taking it apart before you leave is wise. Storing your Black Berkey filters is also wise and can prevent you from having to re-prime when you get back home.

After removing the filters from the system, put them in seal-able plastic baggies and in your refrigerator. Set them near the front where there's a lesser chance of freezing.

If you'll be gone no more than 2 weeks, this method should keep your elements primed and clean. If by chance the filters are working slower than usual, though, you can prime them again to speed up flow.

If you're taking your Berkey with you on your trip, follow the same process, trying to keep the filters cool, without freezing, until you reach your destination.

How To Store Berkey Filter Long Term

If you've already used your elements, but would like to store them for longer than 2 weeks, here's what you do.

Remove the filters from the system and let them completely dry, a process that could take several days. You can set them by a window with sunlight to help with the drying process. Berkey also offers the Black Berkey Primer which is good for purging the filters.

Once you're sure the filters are completely dry (so there will be no bacteria build-up), put them in a seal-able plastic bag. Remove as much air from the bag as possible.

Since the filters are very powerful, they easily pick up odors around them, so the plastic bag will help prevent that. Store them in a safe, dry place.

When you're ready to use the elements again, scrub them with a scouring pad and then prime before re-installing them into the Berkey system.

Brand New Black Berkey Filters Storage

If cared for properly, the shelf life of a Black Berkey element is indefinite.

If you've decided to buy several filters but want to save some for future use, this is how you can store them.

You may keep the elements in their original packaging. Be sure to store them in a safe, room temperature, and dry place that is free from odors.

You don't want to store your Berkey filters in a garage or laundry room, where strong smells can get into your filters.

When you are ready to use the elements, they should be washed and primed before installation.

Taking the Right Steps Will Ensure Working Elements

If you properly care for and store your Black Berkey filters, they should work optimally after storage.

If after removal from storage, the filters seem to flow slower, you can always wash and prime the elements again to make sure they're flowing at a normal rate.

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