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Get The Most Out of Berkey Customer Service

By Jeff Wise May 07, 2020

Berkey Customer Service

We at understand the quality and value of Berkey customer service.

We've personally been loyal Berkey® customers since 2006 and we want to help others enjoy pure, clean water as well.

One thing we value is customer service and we strive to help our customers as best as we can.

We offer several means of help, to make sure you have the information you need to know about your Berkey®.

There are several ways to stay in contact with us if you have any questions related to Berkey® systems and accessories, making a purchase, receiving an order, or resolving a problem.

Berkey Customer Service Number

One way to reach us is by calling us at 1-800-392-3321. If we aren't able to answer the phone, please leave a detailed message and we'll call you back as soon as possible.

There has been massive demand for Berkey® systems and there has also been limited shipping because of the coronavirus lockdown.

If we don't answer don't worry because we'll get your message and contact you back as soon as we can

Email Berkey Water Filter Customer Service

Another option for reaching out to us is to email any questions or concerns to We will reply to you as soon as we're able.

Many times email is the perfect route to take because you can send and receive detailed messages with information including orders numbers and screenshots of any issue you're dealing with.

Many times customers ask why they haven't been updated on an order.  Emails go out with order confirmations and updates.  Please, bookmark or whitelist our email address so it doesn't go to your spam folder.

Subscribe to Our Newsletter

Our Berkey newsletter is a great way to get information and answers to questions.

When you subscribe, you'll receive announcements, instructions, and other helpful information regarding Berkey and health.

Many times the newsletter addresses questions and concerns customers may have.

When you first subscribe you'll be getting very helpful FAQs and instructions regarding your Berkey.

It's also the best way for us to let customers know about product sales and upcoming giveaways.

Follow Us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

If you follow us on these social media sites, we post how-to videos, current news related to health, and announcements on such things as shipping updates and products that are in and out of stock.

Facebook messenger is also a great way to reach Berkey customer service because we're always monitoring those messages and aim to answer your questions in less than 30 minutes.

Please like, follow and subscribe to each of our channels for the quickest and most up to date information.

Berkey on Facebook

Berkey on Instagram

Berkey on YouTube

Berkey on Pinterest

Blog Posts

On we have a blog where we post articles related to different Berkey subjects. Many of these blog posts have come from questions we've received from customers.

We hope the posts will help other customers who may have the same questions.

Visit the blog page here to see our posts.

We want to help you in any way we can! Thank you for choosing Berkey customer service!

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