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Best Homestead Water Filtration System

By Jeff Wise February 27, 2023

A Big Berkey is the perfect homestead water filtration system.

When I say homesteader, I don't just mean a family that has built a cottage in the woods and lives off the land completely.

There are many families who fit that description and this information is for them.

But, it's also good information for semi-homesteaders; those who may still live in neighborhoods, but own chickens, raise a garden, and try to live as independently as possible.

For either of these types of homesteading families, a Big Berkey system is a popular choice for clean water.

Best Homestead Water Filtration System

Homestead Water Sources

Homesteaders know it's important to be able to find your own water source.

There are three water source means that we at BerkeyCleanWater recommend for homesteaders.

You may be fine with using tap water for now. But if there comes a time when you need another water source, it's best to be prepared in advance.

This is especially true if you have dogs, chickens, goats, or other animals.

Here are three sources for water that we encourage you consider.

1. Find the nearest creek, pond, or lake. The Big Berkey system is powerful enough to clean water from your local natural water source.

All you need is to locate the nearest source and have a way to transport the water from there to your Berkey.

Here's a product we recommend.

It is made of glass instead of plastic and each jug holds one gallon, so four members of your family can carry water at a time without it being too heavy.

2. Collect rain water. There are several ways you can collect rain water, depending on how creative you want to be.

The simplest way is to buy a rain barrel like this one.

For a more complex system, you can use underground pumps and pipes for a more continuous flow of rainwater.

Check out this great blog from about ways to collect rain water.

3. Dig a well. This task may sound overwhelming, but it can be done in just a day with the right tools and preparation.

There are plenty of YouTube videos and articles to help you get started, such as this one.

Once you've completed the task, you'll be glad to have your own consistent water supply.

Big Berkey For Homestead Water Filtration

Locating these natural water sources isn't enough, though.

Yes, they will ensure that you have plenty of water for your homestead, but each of these sources still has the potential to be contaminated and harm your family.

There's why you need a Big Berkey. As the most popular family Berkey system, the Big Berkey holds 2.25 gallons of water and is ideal for up to four people.

It stands 19.25 inches tall with a diameter of 8.5 inches. The system comes with two Black Berkey elements but can hold up to four, giving you clean water even quicker.

Best of all, the Big Berkey removes 200+ contaminants from any water source. It's the ideal water filter for homesteaders since it will clean water from multiple sources.

Some homesteaders even prefer the Big Berkey bundle.

The Best Homestead Water Filter

Whether you're a committed off-grid homesteader or you just try to live a clean, independent life, having access to your own natural water supply is wise.

It's also wise to have the means to thoroughly clean your water supply.

The best homestead water filtration system is the Big Berkey.

Thousands of homesteaders enjoy the benefits of the Big Berkey system and find it to be a perfect complement for their way of life.

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