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Why You Should Get a Water Filter for Your Home

By Jeff Wise July 12, 2021

Ever wonder why you should get a water filter for your home?

Drinking water contains many things that can be harmful to your health. These include bacteria, heavy metals, and even parasites.

Because you can't be sure that the water from your tap is clean, you may want to get a water filter for your home. 

Do you want to learn more about a water filter for home? Keep reading these reasons why you should get a water filter.

Berkey Water Filter Near Sink At Home 

Cleaner Water

One of the most important reasons why you should get a water filter for your house is because it provides cleaner water to your home. When your water is clean, it is safer to drink.

Even if you drink water straight from the tap, there are water filter faucets that help remove any harmful contaminants. 

In fact, many homes have tap water that includes chemicals like bleach, pesticides, and more. When you drink these contaminants, you can develop health problems and get sick from your drinking water. 

If you have clean tap water, you don't have to worry about buying purified water or boiling your water before you can drink it or cook with it. To see if your water is clean, download this clean water checklist. 

Better Tasting Water

Many people don't realize that having a water filter for home can also give you better-tasting water. Removing contaminants doesn't only make it safe to drink, but it can make your water taste better. 

For example, the chlorine and bacteria found in tap water can make the water in your home taste or smell unpleasant. Even if you are only using your water to bathe, it can cause a bad smell. 

Having clean water will remove these contaminants and make it taste and smell much better!

Water Filter For Your Home Saves Money

There are many reasons why having a water filter in your home can save you money. 

First, many people who don't want to drink tap water in their home spend a ton of money each year when they buy bottled water.

While installing a water filter for home can cost a few hundred dollars, you will easily save that much money in the first year of use!

Plus, many people don't realize that many of the same contaminants in tap water are also found in bottled water.

Getting a water filter can also save you money on plumbing bills. As was mentioned before, there are many chemicals and minerals in your water that can damage your pipes.

By filtering your water, you protect your plumbing system and the appliances in your home. 

Good for the Environment

When you get a water filter for your home, you are also doing your part to protect the environment.

Every single day, there are about 60 million plastic bottles thrown away in the United States. This adds up quickly and is a huge contributor to landfill waste, littering, and more. 

When you have a water filter and cut down on your plastic water bottle consumption, you are doing your part to lower the waste in landfills and protect the environment.

Many people don't realize how many resources it takes to create a plastic water bottle and to transport them. By cutting down on the need for plastic bottles, you can preserve these resources as well.

Protects Body From Disease

Many people get sick each year from water that isn't clean. For example, parasites can live in water and can lead to digestive problems and gastrointestinal diseases.

If you treat your water properly and purify it, you can protect your body from these types of diseases. 

Drinking water that is pure also protects children. It can help them as they develop their immune systems and can help them prevent diseases later in life. 

Finally, as was mentioned before, water filters remove many toxins and other contaminants that can be found in drinking water. Many of these things are not meant to enter your body, like chlorine, lead, and more. 

Because a water filter can remove these from your water, they can keep you from getting sick.

Water Filter For Home Is More Convenient

Using a water filter is also a much more convenient way to get clean water in your home. Rather than having to go to the store to buy plastic water bottles, you have clean water in your home. 

While there are many types of water filters you can buy, you can buy a water filter that gives you clean water straight from your countertop. This provides you with much easier access to clean water.

Prevent Skin Conditions

Finally, using a water filter in your home can help lessen or prevent skin conditions. Many people with dry or sensitive skin are especially sensitive to the contaminants found in dirty water. For example, chlorine in water can worsen eczema and psoriasis. 

When you use a water filter and remove these chemicals, you will find that you will not experience these skin conditions as seriously.

Soap scum is another cause of skin irritation. By using clean water, you can remove this buildup and lessen the effects of your skin condition. 

Get a Water Filter For Your Home Today

Water can have many dangerous contaminants. When you get a whole house water filter or even a refrigerator water filter, you can save money, have better-tasting water, protect the environment, and more. Do you want to buy a water filter faucet? 

Berkey Clean Water can help! Our water filter products are made and shipped in the United States and range from water filters for sinks to whole house water filters.

Contact us today to learn more about our water filter products and find out how getting a water filter can help you!

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