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Top 5 Ways to Save Money for a Berkey Water Filter

By Jeff Wise June 16, 2022

Our family has found 5 ways to save money for a Berkey water filter.

Most people want to drink clean water. They want to live long, healthy lives and avoid sickness as much as possible.

Yet still, there are factors that deter people from purchasing a quality water filter like the Berkey.

The biggest deterrent is money. The initial cost can be overwhelming for some, especially those on a tight budget.

They see the Berkey price and immediately feel like it's impossible and they'll have to settle with a cheaper filtration system.

They get the cheap $25 plastic water pitcher at the store and almost instantly regret it because it only filters 7-10 contaminants.

They also figure out after the fact that they must buy replacement filters for this pitcher every two months. This can become a hassle and can be hard to keep up with.

This doesn't have to be you. Seeing a higher Berkey price shouldn't cause alarm.

Don't just immediately walk away and never look back. If you're put off by the price, hope isn't lost. There are options!

I’m going to give you 5 ways to make sure you can afford your own Berkey. You don't have to settle for a cheaply-made water filtration system.

Save Money For Berkey Water Filter

Save Money For a Berkey Option 1: Mindset

First, it all begins with your mindset. If you are serious about improving your health, be determined that you will take the correct steps to reach your goals, no matter the obstacle.

This is true in all walks of life. There is nothing unattainable when you are focused and unwavering.

Start making decisions today that will help you reach your goal tomorrow.

Option 2: Cutting Back

Inspect your budget to find ways to cut back on expenses so you'll have more money to save for a water filter.

These cuts are temporary, not permanent, so remind yourself that things will be back to normal soon.

One way to cut back is to stop buying bottled water. Utilize a reusable bottle and carry water with you wherever you go. This will lessen your chances of making beverage purchases while you're out.

Not to mention all the other reasons why you should not buy bottled water.

Better yet, for a temporary period of time, refrain from buying all other beverages. Are you willing to sacrifice sodas, tea, or wine for a short time?

What about coffee? Do you realize people can save almost $200 per month by just making coffee at home instead of daily trips to a coffee shop?

That's more than half the cost of a Travel Berkey right there! You could literally have a Berkey within two months just by not buying lattes.

Maybe alternative drinks aren't a problem for you. But there are likely other little purchases that add up by the end of the week. Figure out what those are for you.

I'm sure you can think of three to five ways to cut back and before you know it, you'll have hundreds of dollars to put towards your health.

Those extra sacrifices will add up and get you closer to a Berkey.

Option 3: Straight from the Paycheck

Make a commitment to pull $5, $10, or even $20 from each paycheck. Withdraw whatever you're able to manage.

Put that money in an envelope for the filtration system. Be sure to maintain self-discipline not to spend it on anything else.

This may take a while to reach your goal, but in the end, you'll be happy you made the necessary sacrifices.

For those in the digital world who don't use cash, you can totally setup a savings account on your mobile device and instantly transfer money from checking to savings every payday.

A few clicks of a button on your bank's mobile app and your savings grow each week! You'll have a Berkey before you know it!

Option 4: Payment Plan

Another option is to set up a payment plan right on this website during checkout.

This way you aren't forced to pay for the whole system up front, but can still own a Berkey sooner. Many customers take advantage of this great opportunity.

For instance, if you go to the Big Berkey page right here you'll see right above the add to cart button the following:

"Pay in 4 interest-free installments of $96.75 with Shop Pay"

Choose your payment schedule at checkout – starting at 4 interest-free payments of $96.75 every 2 weeks.  That will definitely drop the Berkey filter cost up front.

There are no hidden fees, ever,  and no impact on your credit score to apply.

Berkey Water Purifier Payment Plan

Save Money For Berkey Option 5: Don't Forget

Remember the old saying: "You get what you pay for."

A Berkey water filter purchase is a long-term investment.

Black Berkey elements last much longer than other filters and can successfully clean water for years without needing to be replaced.  We're talking 6,000 gallons!

The $25 water pitcher I talked about earlier requires users to purchase new filters every two months regardless of how much water you filter.

They also remove very few contaminants.

To sum it up, they're not very trustworthy. They're literally a waste of money.

Berkey Is The Best Affordable Water Filter

Compare that to Berkey water filters which removes more than 200 contaminants. The quality is top-notch and the products are truly reliable.

The cost comes out to just two or three pennies per gallon. It may not initially seem cost-effective, but in the long run you're spending very little.

Berkey really is the best affordable water filter.  Add to that the monthly Berkey water filter sales and coupon codes and your price will really go down.

Berkey systems are also easy to use, easy to assemble, and easy to transport.

With their versatile products, they can be used anywhere. You can have clean water at any time.

The best part of all, though, is that you will consume pure, healthy water that won't contribute to physical ailments in the future.

Don't let the cost of a Berkey water filter system turn you away. Making the decision to invest in a Berkey is a decision to invest in your health.

You're worth it and you can make it happen!


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