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The Importance of Water Filtration: 10 Things You Should Know

By Jeff Wise December 03, 2022

During the coronavirus pandemic, the water filter market took a big hit. However, it is now back, more prominent than ever, and continuing to grow year after year.

By 2029, the water filter market in the United States alone is expected to reach a value of more than $9 billion!

That is a lot of demand for clean water. Enjoying clean water is essential because it affects every area of life in one way or another.

That is why so many people are interested in quality water filtration.

On the other hand, most people have no idea how many advantages water filtration systems can provide.

Read on to learn all about the most important benefits that the right water filtration system might be able to provide for you!

The Importance of Water Filtration

1. Water Filtration Systems Are Good for the Environment

Most people start by thinking about the advantages that pure water provides for those who drink it.

However, the benefits of water filtration systems go well beyond that.

For one thing, water filtration systems are a great way to contribute to a healthy environment.

Most people don't stop to think about all of the packaging that goes along with buying purified bottled water.

However, when you account for all of this packaging, looking after your health with pure water can lead to a lot of pollution.

This pollution starts with the manufacturing process of water bottles. Once you are done with these bottles, they can then end up contributing to the size of landfills.

On top of that, many kinds of water bottles resist efficient recycling. Even those bottles that can be recycled often contain elements that cannot be recycled, leading to a net increase in pollution.

In contrast, water filtration helps you and the environment at the same time.

Drinking cleaner water allows you to look after your own health and enjoyment. At the same time, you can avoid increasing the demand for water bottles or throwing them away.

2. A Water Filtration System Can Decrease the Risk of Cancer

Many people have lost track of all the different factors contributing to cancer risk. Normal drinking water is clean to a certain degree. However, official regulations allow small amounts of contaminants into tap water.

These contaminants can slowly increase the risk of certain kinds of cancer. Over the course of years or decades, those tiny risks can build up and make a noticeable difference.

On the other hand, a lifetime of drinking filtered water will help provide your body with everything it needs without also adding contaminants to your food and water.

3. Water Filters Provide a Higher Quality of Water

At the end of the day, using a water filtration system leads to higher-quality water. Everything you use water for goes better when you use quality water free from trace amounts of contamination.

Drinking clean water is also a great way to look after your peace of mind. If you are ever concerned about how you are taking care of your body, you can take comfort in the fact that you are providing it with the best water possible.

If you use your filtered water for other activities around the home, having pure water will make an even more significant difference. If you use purified water for cleaning clothes, they will get cleaner. The same basic principle applies if you use it for bathing or washing dishes.

Filtered water is also perfect for watering your plants and helping them to enjoy the best health possible.

4. Avoid Chlorine With a Great Water Filter

Regular water will often contain a small amount of chlorine. In some cases, this is because chlorine is used during mass water treatment systems to make it safe to use. Although chlorine does eliminate dangerous micro bacteria, it can also cause unfortunate side effects.

Chlorinated water is harsher on the skin. If you find yourself experiencing dry or irritated skin or eyes, trace amounts of chlorine in your water may be contributing.

5. Save Money With Water Filtration Tablets

You can save a lot of money in the long run when you invest in a water filtration system. Many people end up spending money on water bottles over and over again. Although each purchase might be small, those costs tend to increase over time.

In contrast, a water filtration system can provide vast quantities of clean water for a single investment up front. As the years go by, that investment will start to pay off more and more.

At some point, you will have saved as much money on water bottles as you spent on your water filter. After that, all of the savings that come with using a water filtration system turn into profit for you.

6. Enjoy the Digestive Benefits of Clean Water

Many people start seeking clean water because they are experiencing problems with their digestion. In particular, constipation can sometimes result from drinking water containing even small amounts of contaminants.

Drinking clean water can help keep these problems from coming up in the first place. On top of that, you may be able to help resolve acute constipation problems by drinking plenty of filtered water.

7. Improve Your Skin With a Water Filtration System

The tiny irritations caused by tap water can slowly contribute to chronic skin problems. Skin tends to dry out when it is exposed to harsh water over and over again.

One of the problems with this dynamic is that you can never tell at the time whether or not the water you are using is causing tiny amounts of irritation. However, it might be worth experimenting with a water filtration system if you want softer and healthier skin.

After a few days of using cleaner water, your skin can relax and rebuild itself. In the long run, drinking clean water and using it on your skin can help you develop softer skin with a natural glow.

8. Enjoy Water That Tastes Better

As impressive as all these benefits are, some people get water filtration systems for a completely different reason. The tiny amounts of contamination in unpurified water can cause health problems, but they can also affect your experience while you drink water. In fact, these effects can even influence the flavor of your food.

Any water that you use while cooking will end up affecting how your food tastes. If you want your food to be tastier and your water to taste better, then the easiest way to achieve this is by drinking and cooking with cleaner water.

That also means that every time you drink a glass of water or enjoy a home-cooked meal, you will be reminded about the benefits of your water filtration system. Although pure water tastes better and can help food taste better, it can also make food healthier.

9. Cleaner Water May Also Contribute to Cleaner Air

Many people do not realize that the water in their homes evaporates. You can see how much water is in the air when you see how much water a dehumidifier can pull out of the air. But where does all of that water come from?

The air outside has some moisture in it, so when that air comes into your home, it will cause a certain amount of humidity. However, the air in your home also gets moisture from the water in your home. If your home is full of unpurified water, tiny amounts of contaminants can also end up floating in the air.

As essential as clean water is to our health, clean air may be just as important. To improve your air quality, you can always invest in an air filtration system. However, you can also reduce contaminants in your air by keeping them out of your water.

10. Find the Right Water Filtration Option for You

It can be difficult to choose between all the different water filtration options. However, it is often a good idea to start by finding a company that provides quality water filtration. With so many companies offering water purification systems, it can help to look at ratings and reviews online to help you choose between them.

That way, you will see how happy other customers have been with the results that a given water filtration company offers.

Berkey Water Systems Filter

Understand the Importance of Water Filtration

Taking the time to learn about the importance of water filtration is an investment in your health. Although most people want clean water, they may not realize that there is such a wide variety of benefits that filtered water can provide.

To learn more about water filtration and how you can enjoy its advantages, browse our filtration options!

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