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Residential Water Filtration System That Is Affordable

By Jeff Wise March 10, 2020

Residential Water Filtration System

Let's face it, there aren't too many residential water filtration systems that are affordable, let alone actually work.

I once went through the lengthy process of searching for a solution only to hit several roadblocks.

I finally found something that actually works, is certified and very much affordable.

They're so good that missionaries and the Red Cross use them in many other countries.

If you are looking for the real deal in water purification then keep reading.

Residential Water Filtration Systems - Ones That Stink

One of the first ones that come up is a $600 whole house filtration system.

It weighs 48 pounds and it only advertises that it filters "dirt, Iron, chemicals, chlorine, and others that create foul tastes and odors." Fail!

Another popular whole house system is $299.99 and only reduces bad tastes and odors plus chlorine reduction.

Fail! I may have found one. It's a countertop water filter that attaches to the kitchen sink.

It's only $89 and it has six stages of filtering.

It removes lots of stuff like dirt, silt and rust. Heavy metals are reduced and some VOCs and chlorine are reduced greatly.

But, it requires water pressure and doesn't filter out some key contaminants. Sounded good for a minute, but... Fail!

There are some reverse osmosis systems for a few hundred dollars and up but if you've read my blog for long you'll know I'm not a fan of having to deal with pressure, healthy minerals being taken out and using twice the amount of H2O that a quality filter system would use.

I have to give reverse osmosis a fail as well.

Residential Water Filtration Systems That Work

The one I found to work the best, to filter the most and cost the least is the Berkey water filtration systems.

These systems use the Black Berkey filtration elements which over 200 contaminants!

The Black Berkey elements remove trihalomethanes, radon 222, VOCs and chlorine to below detectable levels.

The Berkey reduces heavy metals by 95% and also removes nitrates, nitrites, rust, silt and sediment.

The elements leave the healthy minerals in and for a small price you can buy a special attachment that reduces fluoride and arsenic.

It doesn't require pressure because it's a gravity purification system. It sits right on your counter and can be moved anywhere you want.

You can even filter H2O from a river, lake or pond. By far, this is the most powerful and affordable system I could find.

I made sure it was tested and certified by Universities and I also made sure customers verified that they actually work.

The Berkey company honestly exists to provide purified H2O to families and organizations so we can be as healthy as possible.

It depends on your family size and how much you drink per day, but you can buy a basic Berkey system for around $249 and the filters last a whole year. I know because I've tested it.

If you are looking for an honest residential water filtration system, then do yourself a favor and check out the Berkey first. It's by far the most powerful one out there.

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