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How To Remove Chlorine From Water

By Jeff Wise March 10, 2020

Remove Chlorine From Water

I always wanted to know how to remove chlorine from water ever since I took a big gulp of it from a swimming pool.

It made me feel really sick and basically ruined my day.

I always saw the skull and crossbones warning on the bag of chlorine and just logically assumed it was okay since after all, it cleaned the swimming pool.

Then I noticed a nasty smell and taste in my tap water and it was game over. I wanted to find out why was in my H2O.

How To Remove Chlorine From Water - The Why Part

So why would I want to remove chlorine from my drinking and bathing water?

During my studies, I found that they have to wear protective rubber gloves and protective respiration devices just to handle the chlorine.

Chlorine gas can cause serious injury or even death. We are exposed to this chlorine by drinking it and bathing in it.

It's added to the mix to kill bacteria and other harmful life forms. Why would it be safe for you and I to drink?

Decades of research has now shown that chlorine and its byproducts are very harmful for your health.

It has been shown to cause damaging effects to heart, lung, kidney and central nervous system, as well as cancer.

In fact, studies in 2006 examined a combined total of almost 8,000 people and showed that higher consumption of tap can increase the risk of bladder cancer in men. 

Chlorine Safety

How To Remove Chlorine From Water - The Right Way

When I first started learning about the effects of chlorine I didn't know of many products available. I ended up buying the ones you see most on TV commercials.

It said it filtered chlorine and it was cheap so I was super excited. It definitely took the smell and taste away but a few years later I found that it didn't take that much out.

I didn't smell it or taste it but it was plentiful in there and could still cause health problems.

I finally found the Berkey series of water filters. Before I bought I looked at their certified testing results and I also read dozens of testimonials.

The testing showed that the Black Berkey filters eliminated trihalomethanes to below detectable levels as well as chlorine itself and other chlorine byproducts to below detectable levels.

The Berkey shower filters reduce 95% of chlorine so I scored big time!

I got it out of my drinking supply and I mostly got it out of my shower supply and I could tell a difference right away.

I felt better physically and just knowing I was dealing with clean H2O every day made me feel even better.

In a nutshell, the way I learned how to remove chlorine from water was by doing a bit of studying and discovering the Berkey water filter company.

To learn more about these products allow me to direct you here.

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