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Cheaper Than Dirt Bug Out Bag - Perfect For Emergencies?

By Jeff Wise March 10, 2020 2 comments

This is the best cheaper than dirt bug out bag we could find during our extensive research.

You won't believe the price when you see it! And by the way, you don't need a military style backpack to use as a bug out bag.

If you want an affordable bug out backpack for your family then you've really got to check this out.

There are different colors you can get but this particular one is very popular and it's one of the cheaper one's on sale.

More and more people are wanting to be prudent and prepared for any emergency or situation and a bug out bag is the type of item you need first.

This bug out gear backpack has a ton of great features and a boat load of customer reviews so let's get started!

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Cheaper Than Dirt Bug Out Bag

Cheaper Than Dirt Bug Out Bag Type

This cheaper than dirt bug out bag is specifically designed for use outdoors but it can also double as a backpack for any other use.

A bug out gear backpack really should look like any other bag. You don't need anything too big and bulky.

You want something you can easily pack, put your gear in and walk a ways if you need to.

This bag is quite large inside the compartments and will carry everything you need and more.

Bug Out Gear Backpack Bag Sizes

Despite all the color options there is one size. If you added up all the space inside this bag the amount of space would equal 2015 cubic-inches.

The dimensions are 19" x 13.5" x 8.5". You can easily fit all sorts of bug out bag supplies such as water, food, first aid and all the other essentials.


Cheaper Than Dirt Bug Out Bag Features

There are a number of features for this backpack that make it unique and special. Besides the different colors, this barrel has the following:

  • There are three major compartment areas which makes it easy for you to separate your supplies into categories.
  • You do have the option to attach extra gear.
  • Side pockets to carry things such as water bottles and flashlights.
  • Very comfortable airflow shoulder straps for maximum comfort.
  • Padded back panel to help your back.
  • Part of the Amazon Prime program so you can get it shipped within two days for free.

Cheaper Than Dirt Bug Out Bag Design

This bug out gear backpack is a really good looking bag and comes in a number of colors besides this featured and popular orange and grey backpack.

The main part of the pack is orange with most everything else grey. The hardware parts of the bag are black which they are on all the other bags as well.

The material is designed to be water resistant and it's designed in a way to where any age, gender or height of person can carry this bag with no problem.

I've read about school kids using these, moms and of course used for backpacking and bug out backpack situations.

As this is a pack you can use for everything there may come a time when you pack it for emergencies whether it's natural disasters, man made disasters or any other reason to get away for a few days so there really is no need for it to be camo.

Cheaper Than Dirt Bug Out Bag Customer Reviews

"Don't let the size fool you! The multiple compartments that give you plenty of room. It's easy to put on/take off especially since I ride the Metro so I'm not breaking my back trying to get it off. The back pack also holds up well in rain amazingly well...(read more here: High Sierra Loop Backpack Review)
"We use them for our basic emergency / bug out bags in each of our family vehicles. Overall highly recommended...(read more here: High Sierra Loop Backpack Review)


Pros & Cons

Pros: This product has four and a half stars so it's got a ton of positive comments. If there was a prevailing positive theme it would be that it's super comfortable and good for just about any situation. It serves a diverse amount of people as well making this the perfect super cheap bug out bag backpack. The best part is that it's so cheap!

Cons: It's interesting that there are so many comments about how sturdy this pack is but there were one or two customers who said they thought the material was flimsy. Some people really want the straps to be detachable as well.

Video: Cheaper Than Dirt Bug out Bag Perfect For Emergency Kit

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  • Hi Lisa – Thanks for your thoughts. We hear you! Some can be picky right?

    Jeff on

  • That’s insane to complain the straps don’t detach, what back packs do? Also detach for what purpose? Probably trolls. Thanks Berkey.

    Lisa on

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