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Why Are Berkey Water Filters Banned in California?

By Jeff Wise September 06, 2022

Why are Berkey water filters banned in California?

Berkey products are not for sale to residents of the State of California but not because they are banned.

This page is going to provide you with important information regarding this development.

Why Are Berkey Water Filters Banned in California?

California, known for its rigorous regulatory landscape, has reached a tipping point where its stringent measures aimed at safeguarding the public, particularly concerning clean drinking water, have become counterproductive.

While recognizing the importance of sensible regulations, NMCL emphasizes that an excessive regulatory environment can overshadow its intended benefits.

California's business environment epitomizes this predicament, with a litigious and restrictive framework that forces businesses to navigate an intricate and constantly evolving maze of regulations.


Here is a quote straight from the manufacturers of the famous Berkey systems over at New Millennium Concepts, Ltd.:

Thus, Berkey has opted out of registering our products for sale in California due to the following:
1.  California lists over 1,000 substances deemed harmful.
California has established regulations and procedures for the sale of household water systems which require companies to obtain a number of costly—and unneeded—certifications for products sold in the state.
3.  California requires that household water filters must be registered. Berkey has voluntarily opted out of registering or selling its products in California.
4.  The tests we have had conducted are much more rigorous than those required for the certifications mandated by the state of California.
5.  Litigation in California has become BIG business.

Then why are Berkey water filters banned in California?

They aren't.  That is false.

As we said in point #3, Berkey respects the rights of states to make their own regulations, yet thousands of businesses are in agreement that California’s out-of-control regulations and culture of activist litigation and legislation are becoming ever more extreme (for example, banning gas-powered equipment such as lawnmowers, leaf blowers, generators, etc.).

Berkey Certified Testing

The tests we have conducted are much more tougher than those required by NSF for the certifications mandated by the state of California.

Our filters have been tested by third-party independent labs. This is above standard of taste, odor, and chlorine reduction.

Although our testing is sufficient for 49 states in the US, it is currently not acceptable for people in the state of California.

In the end, Berkey has concluded that the additional taxes, certifications, and red tape have created too large of a barrier for our firm to offer our systems in the state of California.

If you have any questions please leave a comment in the box below.

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