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10 Cool Berkey Stand Ideas: Stylish Solutions for Your Filter

By Jeff Wise April 12, 2022

Are you a Berkey owner frustrated with having to sacrifice precious counter space for your water filtration system? Don't you just wish you had a better place for it? Or maybe you haven't even found a good spot to keep it and your family is annoyed with looking for it in a new place every time. 

If this sounds like you, we have the perfect solutions for you. As a proud Berkey owner, you know the feeling of seeing your shiny Berkey in the kitchen. But when it sticks out like a sore thumb, it's time to give it a little lift.

It is a kitchen appliance, essentially, and it comes with the territory that those take up room. But all is not lost! There are many unique and beautiful ways to have your Berkey look good in your kitchen.

If you take your Berkey on the road, there are solutions for you as well. Check out these top 10 Berkey stand ideas and see what else you might come up with! 

Berkey Stand Ideas

Standard Berkey stands are best used on countertops, shelves, or a camping table. Many different styles can fit in nicely with any room. When selecting stands, consider where you will keep it, how big your Berkey is, and how it will look. Check out these Berkey stand ideas to get you started. 

The Berkey Stainless Steel Wire Stand

#1 Berkey Stainless Steel Travel Wire Stand

Hands down, the best stand you can get for your Berkey is the one made by Berkey. This stainless steel wire stand was designed by the makers of your water filtration unit to perfectly elevate and support the Berkey. No matter what size you have, there is Berkey stand for you. 

The first size is our Travel wire stand. This is for the smallest Berkey option and should not be used under larger systems. It's ideal for RVs or Skoolies because of its compact design. You can squeeze this stand under your Berkey to get even more space from your countertop.

#2 Berkey Stainless Steel Big Wire Stand

The second size we have available for Berkey stand ideas is the big wire stand. This is a great platform for most of the sizes of Berkey's we sell. It's 5" tall, perfect for a glass or cup, and has rubber protection on the feet so it won't scratch a counter surface. 

These stands are perfect because they don't stick out from the rest of your furnishings. We often hear from customers that they enhance the look of their Berkey. If you can't find the one you need by itself, we may have it available in a bundle with additional filters. 

#3 Berkey Stainless Steel Royal Stand

The third size we offer is the royal stand. These are for our biggest Berkley's and tend to be unnecessarily large for anything smaller. Still, like the other wire stands, it's only five inches tall and 1.4 pounds. 

These classy wire stands are compact and discreet while giving your Berkey a nice lift from the counter. They come in smooth stainless steel that will complement any room. Before you consider an off-brand product, see if any of the Berkley stands will work for your needs. 

Travel Berkey Stand

#4 A Beautiful Stump 

One of the more unique and special Berkey filter stand ideas we've come across is a simple stump. Not just a stump, but a carefully selected chunk of a nice log that has been sanded down on either side.

This is a great stand to make yourself or look for in your local garden or DIY shop. You want to find or make one with a diameter about 1-2 inches bigger than the diameter of your Berkey. Pick one with a bark pattern and texture that you enjoy since it will serve as the decor of your stand.

You can customize this piece to any height but be sure not to make them too short, so you can fit a cup under the spout. This kind of stand is perfect for a rustic or homestead-style house, any nature-inspired room, or even around a campfire. 

#5 Rubber Base

Another idea for a Berkey water filter would be to skip the traditional stand entirely and use an elevated rubber base. These generally come in a matte black color and are very discreet under any size Berkey. 

The thick rubber protects both your countertop and your Berkey from scratches or scruffs. It is merely a subtle, protective accent and doesn't provide much lift under the Berkey. These types of stands are best on something like a built-in shelf where the spout would stick out over the edge.

Rubber bases can also be used in conjunction with another stand to protect the Berkey or the stand. For example, if you got one of our stainless steel wire stands and wanted to make sure it stayed smooth, a rubber base would be a helpful addition.

#6 Wood Block with Shelf Bracket 

One of our favorite alternative Berkely filter stand ideas is a wooden block or shelf mounted on a shelf bracket. This is a simple, do-it-yourself project that practically anyone could do. 

Pick any open wall space and decide where you want to keep the Berkey. Get a decorative shelf bracket or two, depending on how big your Berkey is. Measure and drill the brackets in first, then place the shelf on top and secure it to the brackets. 

You don't want this shelf to be too high because you'll have to lift the full Berkey on top. You don't want it too low because it won't be convenient and will get in the way. Make sure you measure and plan, but this type of stand is good for any space where you can be creative.  

Berkey Floor Stand Ideas

You may not be willing or able to give up any counter space, but that doesn't have to stop you from getting a nice stand. If you have the floor space for a taller piece of furniture in the kitchen, check out these Berkey floor stand ideas. 

#7 Tall Wooden Freestanding Stand 

This tall, freestanding wood stand would make a bold and welcome addition to your kitchen area if you have the space for it. It won't take up much space, but you can anticipate about 1-2 square feet of your floor area. 

These stands are great for corners or walls without counter space. They can be placed virtually anywhere, which allows you to bring filtered water to every room.  This could be a good option for those with children who can't reach the counter yet or families with multiple Berkeys. 

#8 Standard Kitchen Stool

If you enjoy the idea of a freestanding stand but don't want to buy anything new, look around! You can easily use a standard kitchen stool for the same purpose. This option may take up a bit more floor space, but you may also have or be able to find a more slender stool to use. 

If you don't have one available, go to your local thrift store to see what they have. More than likely, you can find a kitchen stool for $10 or less. You can then paint it or alter it to fit your style. 

This is a great option for rustic homes and tight spaces since they are multi-use. It's also perfect for those on a budget since you can customize it to your liking for very little money spent.  

#9 DIY Dispenser Stand

Have you ever tried to build a table or stand by yourself? It's not too complicated and by following a simple set of instructions, you can easily create your own Berkey stand to match your needs completely. 

Decide the height and width that would be best for your Berkey. Then decide where you want to put it and the style/color of the wood. Find yourself some power tools to use and you're all set! 

Custom building your own Berkey stand is the best way to ensure you get exactly what you need. But, as with any home project, make sure the stand is safe and stable before putting a full Berkey on it. 

#10 Custom Woodworking

Don't feel like building a stand yourself? You can hire a professional woodworker to custom-build the perfect Berkey stand for your space. 

If this is the route you are going, feel free to take liberties and get creative. The Berkey is a simple and straightforward design, so there's a lot you can do to spruce up its display. Consider all of the ideas above and use any of the styles that look good to you. 

Berkey Stand vs No Stand

Get Your Berkey Stand Today

Now that you have gone through all the Berkey stand ideas above, it's time to assess your needs and get your stand! Consider these questions: 

  • Where do you want your Berkey to live?
  • Do you have available counter space?
  • Do you have any available floor space?
  • Who will be using the Berkey, and how tall are they?
  • Are you able to build it yourself?

Once you have these answers, you can narrow down the list and find just what you need. So why wait? Get your Berkey stand today! 

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