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Aging Water Infrastructure Makes Countertop Water Filters Necessary

It has been confirmed that every two minutes a water main breaks somewhere in the US with 300,000 breaks each year, according to the American Water Works Association. This causes many more problems than just temporary flooding. It can cause major contamination which makes countertop water filters more necessary today than ever before.

The Crown Berkey is Quite Versatile

The Crown Berkey system is the ideal system for use with medium to large groups, at home, churches, hospitals orphanages, outdoor activities or during unexpected emergencies.

What In The World Is a Berkey?

Sometimes when people hear the word “Berkey” they automatically think of the city in California called, “Berkeley” or the University of California at Berkeley. We are talking about something completely different.

Remove Toxic Poison With Fluoride Water Filter

Did you know 97% of Western Europe has chosen fluoride-free water. Western Europe allows individuals the right to choose, or refuse, fluoride. Why the United States continues to place this poison in the water without our say is baffling. You can remove this toxin with a fluoride water filter.

Despite Reduction You Still Need Your Fluoride Filters

The CDC along with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has finally listened to petitions from millions of Americans and the Fluoride Action Network by reducing the recommended maximum fluoride levels in tap water from 1.2 to 0.7 parts per million (ppm), a 42 percent decrease. Hang on, though. You still need your fluoride filters.

Countertop Water Filters and Your Cooking Needs

Most of us are aware that tap water isn’t clean. In fact, an Environmental Working Group recently found 315 pollutants in the tap water Americans drink. This is unacceptable but you need to consider using your own countertop water filters.

Why People Want Water Filters For Home

It really is no surprise more and more people are buying water filters for home after we find out what is in tap water, not to mention the unpleasant taste. What is in tap water and what does all the money and testing actually do if it really isn’t clean?

The Best Way To Have Clean Water During Emergencies

Every few weeks or months you watch the news and there is some sort of catastrophe somewhere in the world. Volcanoes erupting, massive earthquakes and there’s always a flood somewhere. What is the best way to have clean water during these trying times?

Well Water and a Home Water Filter System

There are many homeowners who live in rural areas and they use well water for most of their needs. You’ll find that many of them buy bottled water versus messing with the water in the ground at their residence. A good solution for drinking water is a quality home water filter system.

Water Filter System At Work

We’ve all worked at a company for a living one time or another. We always hear jokes about all the talk near the water cooler whether it’s sports or the latest gossip. Is the water you’re drinking there the healthiest? Is it the best water filter system?

Why You Don’t Want Lead In Drinking Water

More than 240 million people every day in the United States turn on their faucets in order to drink and cook, using water from public water systems. In 2005, it was discovered that brass plumbing fixtures may release far more lead into drinking water than previously believed. You don’t want this neurotoxin in your drinking water, trust me.

Portable Water Filter Is Perfect For College Dorm Room

I remember the good ole days in college and I have some great memories of living in the dorms with my friends. It was as if it were our very own apartment. Independent living at last! I also remember the lack of water anywhere. No water fountains, no sink except for the bathroom, nothing. I now know a portable water filter would have been perfect for college dorm living.

Do All Water Filters Produce Clean Water?

Many people ask this question every day on their quest for clean water. I’m sure you’ve seen advertised all over the TV certain water filters and how great they are. I’m sure you’ve also seen shows like The Biggest Loser where filters are pitched as the best thing ever.

Looking For a Countertop Water Filter?

Several years ago I became interested in clean water. I began reading all kinds of reports about water contamination. And they weren’t reports from third world countries, but countries in the Western world. This put me on a quest to find a proven countertop water filter fast.

Gravity Water Filter Will Prevent You From Drinking Bacterial Contamination

An environmental group examined 173 different brands of bottled water on the market and found that some bottled water came from faucets or from companies with a history of bacterial contamination. A gravity water filter will prevent you from consuming contaminated water.

The Taste From a Berkey Water Filter Is Sensational

Whether it’s food or beverage you want something that tastes good. You wouldn’t think that water has anything to do with this but it does and a Berkey water filter has a taste that is very good.

What Does a Berkey Water Filter Eliminate Anyway?

A Berkey water filter is one of the most powerful purification systems in the world. So much so that the Red Cross and missionaries have taken then all across the globe. When people are searching for something better than a generic filter from the local store, they ask me what Berkey actually eliminates from the water.

Berkey Water Filters Versus Reverse Osmosis

We talk a lot about how Berkey water filters provide the cleanest, healthiest water in the world. They successfully remove harmful contaminants like pathogenic bacteria, parasites, VOCs, lead, mercury and much more. But doesn’t reverse osmosis do the same? So which one is better?

What Can a Big Berkey Do For You?

There are so many people looking for water filtration that actually works and provides enough clean drinking water for their families. When people find out what my family uses, the questions start to flood in. The one system I always recommend is the Big Berkey.

Berkey Water Filters On The Go

If you’re like me you prefer to drink clean water wherever you go. We’ve all done our studying and know that most city tap water isn’t as clean as they say it is. They even add numerous chemicals to your water supply. Berkey water filters allow you to avoid this mess.

Preparedness For Winter Weather

December 15 – We are now getting into the winter months and it’s not too late to make preparations to protect yourself and your family and be ready to assist neighbors, especially the elderly.

Water Main Breaks and Portable Water Purifiers

December 15 – All you have to do is go to your favorite search engine online and search for the term, “water main break” or “boil water” and you will get dozens of results from cities all over asking residents to boil their water because of possible contamination. This causes people to increasingly inquire about portable water purifiers.

Three Hundred Pollutants Eliminated With Portable Water Purifier

December 14 – The Environmental Working Group reports that after reviewing almost 20 million records of water utility companies in the U.S., 316 pollutants were found in the tap water you drink. This can be eliminated with one of Berkey’s portable water purifiers.

Fluoride Filters Necessary to Avoid Toxic Chemical

December 10 – There are a select few fluoride filters that are built specifically to remove fluoride. Such filters should claim to eliminate this toxin without taking out essential minerals.
It is possible to have clean, fluoride-free water without breaking the bank.

Hurricane Katrina Proves the Necessity of Preparedness

December 7 – Is it possible for people to prepare for a natural disaster like Katrina? While there can never be a 100 percent guarantee of yourself or your home surviving such powerful weather, there are plenty of preparedness steps to take to increase your chances of survival.

Why Do I Need a Shower Filter?

December 6 – More and more people are discovering the harmful effects of consuming chlorine, not only in drinking water but also in the shower. Berkey’s KDF chlorine shower filter is necessary to ensure you’re not being harmed by this toxic chemical.

Find the Best Portable Water Purifier

December 4 – You need a powerful, reliable portable water purifier for you and your family to guarantee clean, healthy water. Find out the five worst and best traits of a portable water purifier.

Preparing For Disasters

November 30 – Berkey water systems provide the most security during a disaster. Available in all different sizes, Berkey filters produce the cleanest water possible during tragic situations.

Water Supplies Are Contaminated with Spices, Cocaine and More

November 24 – It’s important not to put all your trust into the EPA and assume nothing harmful will come through your water faucets. Take your own precautions and purchase a Berkey purification system, a trustworthy filter that will remove all harmful substances.

New Go Berkey System is a Great Portable Water Purifier

November 20 – The Go Berkey system is the newest addition to Berkey’s portable water purifiers. A powerful filter, this handy purifier is easy to travel with and doesn’t take up much room. It’s perfect for college students, business travelers or for putting on your desk at work. And its design is eye-catching and stunning.

Nebraskans Say ‘No’ to Fluoride

November 17 – Fluoride in drinking water is unnecessary and dangerous. Like these Nebraskan towns, it should be removed from all American drinking supplies. Until that day comes, a Berkey fluoride filter is necessary to protect your family from fluoride consumption.

Berkey Water Filters Accommodate Any Home or Setting

November 8 – Berkey purifiers aren’t one size fits all. These powerful systems accommodate a wide range, from a single individual to a large family or group. There are Berkey water filters perfect for travelling and others meant for home use only. No matter your need or lifestyle, there’s a Berkey filter for you.

Chlorine Shower Filter Needed to Avoid Dangerous Chemical

November 4 – What homeowners need is a chlorine shower filter that will remove this harmful toxin. Berkey has a KDF Chlorine Shower Filter that will do just that.

Fluoride Added To Drinking Water is Scary Business

November 2 – There’s much talk about fluoride, whether it’s good or bad and whether it actually prevents cavities or not. And there are opinions on both sides of the argument. Here are a few facts about fluoridation to help you come to your own conclusion before you buy fluoride filters.

Portable Water Purifier Tips

September 20 – Portable Water Purifier Tips – Top Seven Things to Look for when Purchasing a Portable Water Purifier.

Powerful Black Berkey Filters

September 17 – The Black Berkey filters are the most powerful gravity filters in the world.

Why Boil Water When You Could Use a Berkey Gravity Water Filter?

September 14 – Sewage treatment plants are not equipped to eliminate artificial sweeteners from waste water. These contaminants travel downstream and slip into the drinking water supply.

Queensland Fluoride Overdose

May 27 – To make sure your family never has to worry about the government accidently depositing 20 times more fluoride than normal, get a Berkey water filter today. Even if you’re never served such toxic water, no amount of fluoride is good to consume.

Water Supply Contains Pharmaceutical Cocktail

May 14 – Your drinking water may be contaminated with pharmaceuticals. In fact, at least 51 million Americans have drug-infested water supplies. Which means, when you drink unfiltered water you’re likely to ingest traces of antibiotics, pain medicine, psychiatric drugs and even sex hormones. Not exactly refreshing, is it?

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