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Hydration For Dancers

By Jeff Wise March 30, 2023

Hydration for dancers has always been a topic on our minds ever since our daughters started taking classes many years ago.

Dance has always been a fun activity for our family. In my younger days, I loved dancing to 80s music and break-dancing.

Those were the-good-ole days when I could dance as long as I wanted without feeling severe muscle pain the next day.

My wife also danced at a studio when she was young and then again in high school and college. She never pursued it too seriously, but it was something she enjoyed then and still enjoys now.

And, of course, my family has fun dance moments in the kitchen while we're making dinner. We don't care how silly we look.

Hydration For Dancers

The Real Family Dancer

When my daughter was young, she started showing an interest in dance. So, we found a good studio and signed her up, not knowing how serious it would become.

She loves it! She's now been dancing for seven years and it has really helped her in so many ways. Dance teaches her coordination, balance, and control.

She also has great instructors who teach her proper form in ballet, jazz, and contemporary. Her goal from day one has been to wear pointe shoes and she's so close to achieving that goal!

Hydration For Dancers

Hydration plays an important role in her dancing. For each class, she takes a full bottle of Berkey water with her. But before we even leave the house, she drinks plenty of water so that she doesn't start off dehydrated.

And again, once dance is finished, she replenishes with more water and even uses LMNT to mix in her water.

Staying hydrated helps her maintain focus so she doesn't miss any instructions. It also helps her perform her best for each class.

Even after a busy day of school, staying hydrated gives her the energy she needs in class so she’s not too tired.

Dance in the Future

We anticipate her dance career continuing a long time, and we're happy about that. She’s found something she loves!

Even though I still like to show off my 80s moves to my kids, she's definitely the best dancer in the family.

We’ll keep doing what we’re doing as far as hydration. And I feel confident that she’ll continue to thrive in her dancing.

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