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Build a Survival Water Plan and Avoiding Disasters

By Jeff Wise March 10, 2020

Survival Water Plan

I've been thinking about building a survival water plan for quite a long time.

I've been gathering information in a careful manner because I'm not only doing this for my family but for you too.

I now realize the seriousness of the situation and how quickly this information must be put into practice.

My timeline isn't a year out, six months out or even three months out. This information must be acted upon now.

This blog isn't geared to be political or to be a scaremongering tool to make money somehow.

I love the water filtration products on our site and we want everyone to be healthy.

This ties into health and ultimately life and that's why it's critical you continue reading.

What Is a Water Disaster?

You can define it many different ways, but in regards to survival water here is how I define it.

A disaster is when you are in a situation where you aren't sure if the water available to you is good enough to drink.

Think about earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, civil unrest or how about your city deciding to turn the water off because the supply got contaminated?

How do we know if water will even be available to us in an emergency situation

That's something else we need to remedy. We all know the potential dangers with consuming bottled water right?

BPA's are very unhealthy and can cause a number of health issues now and into the future.

We'll get to that more later but for now let's take a look at what we face with water and disasters.

The #1 Danger With a Disaster

The danger you should most be concerned with are waterborne diseases in the water such as:

  • Dysentery
  • Protozoa infections
  • Parasitic infections
  • Bacterial infections
  • Viral infections

It really doesn't matter what your survival water source is during an emergency. You do not want to drink water without filtration.

If you can help it you don't want to consume a ton of bottled water either because of the toxic plastics.

I for one wouldn't give bottled water to my family especially children.

You also can't rely on a whole house filter system because it relies on water pressure.

What are some sources of water we can potentially filter?

Best Normal Water Resources

  • Bathtub
  • Hot water heater
  • Toilet tank
  • Roof top tank
  • Rain water collection equipment

You can get this water bladder for your tub which is what my family will be doing. We bought one and have it prepared and ready for any disaster situation.

Water heaters are generally easy to drain. Only use toilet tank water if it doesn't use one of those colored chemical things to freshen the water.

What if you're not at home?

Best Off-Grid Resources

  • Rivers
  • Streams
  • Creeks
  • Lakes
  • Stagnant ponds
  • Ditch water

You can't survive without water for more than three days. You can be in serious health trouble even after one day.

It is so important to have and that's why we need to have a survival water plan. We need to map out a plan.

Whether it's government issues, natural or man-made disasters, we've got to have a plan to take care of ourselves and our families.

You do not want to stand in a line to receive handouts. Here are a few ideas to help you with your resource list. 

Disaster Water Plan Resourcres

Those are the resources you should consider. Now, let's consider what you want to prepare.

  • Home - Have enough water storage to last you as long as it takes
  • Office - Have storage and purification system available
  • Car - Same goes for your automobile. You don't want to get stuck in your car without resources
  • Bug out location - If you are blessed to have a place to retreat, you want purifiers and plenty of storage

Video: 3 Water Survival Tools When Preparing for Disasters


Final Thoughts on Building a Survival Water Plan

It should only take you an hour or less to write up a plan and I recommend you do this so your whole family can see the plan.

The resources I listed above really don't cost that much especially considering the gravity of emergency situations. I've personally been in an earthquake and tornado. Those are bad but many times isolated.

What about a severe economic collapse, war or something worse?

Again, I'm not trying to fear monger and I pray nothing like this happens, but I feel it's way overdue to prepare for this and that's why I'm posting this article.

If it's flooding you look for higher ground, right? You see the water rising.

If it's not raining you should be good, right? If it is raining you need to be concerned and consider taking emergency actions.

Looking at the world today, especially in the U.S., it's metaphorically raining. Will it stop or will we need to find higher ground, so to speak?

That's why we need to plan. Let's start with a survival water plan.

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