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Berkey Water Filter Sizes To Choose From

By Jeff Wise April 21, 2020

Before purchasing a Berkey system, you must know which size to buy.

There are several questions you should ask.

First, how many people will be drinking from it? Will you also be using the water for cooking, pets, etc?

Where are you planning to put the system and will the Berkey you need fit in that space?

Berkey Water System Sizes

Here Is a Chart For Each Berkey System and Its Stats To Help You Make The Best Decision

Travel Berkey

  • Serves 1-3 people
  • Holds 1.5 gallons of water
  • Up to 2 Black Berkey elements
  • Stands 18" tall
  • 7.5" diameter
  • Can include 2 PF2 Fluoride Filters

Big Berkey

  • Serves 1-4 people
  • Holds 2.25 gallons
  • Up to 4 Black Berkey elements
  • Stands 19.25"
  • 8.5" diameter
  • Can include up to 4 PF2 Fluoride Filters

Royal Berkey

  • Serves 2-5 people
  • Holds 3.25 gallons
  • Up to 4 Black Berkey elements
  • Stands 23"
  • 9.5" diameter
  • Can include up to 4 PF2 Fluoride Filters

Imperial Berkey

  • Serves 4-8 people
  • Holds 4.5 gallons
  • Up to 6 Black Berkey elements
  • Stands 26"
  • 10" diameter
  • Can include up to 6 PF2 Fluoride Filters

Crown Berkey

  • Serves 6-12 people
  • Holds 6 gallons
  • Up to 8 Black Berkey elements
  • Stands 30"
  • 11" diameter
  • Can include up to 8 PF2 Fluoride Filters

Berkey Light

  • Serves 2-5 people
  • Holds 2.75 gallons
  • Up to 4 Black Berkey elements
  • Stands 21" without base, 26.5" with base
  • 9" diameter
  • Can include up to 4 PF2 Fluoride Filters

Go Berkey Kit

  • Serves 1 person
  • Holds 1 quart
  • Up to 1 Black Berkey element
  • Stands 14"
  • 4" diameter
  • Not compatible with PF2 Fluoride Filters

Final Thoughts on Which Size Is Best For You

No matter what size you need, you can be confident that all Berkey systems guarantee pure, clean drinking water.

Berkey systems are convenient and easy to use. The elements last a substantial amount of time, so there's no need to replace them often.

Because of this, Berkey systems are also cost-effective. You wind up spending about 2 cents per gallon.

Their construction is durable and simple to assemble. The gravity filtration method is also reliable and powerful, giving you clean water time and time again.

Buying a Berkey isn't a hard choice, when you compare it to other water filtration systems. Sometimes the hardest part is just deciding which size you need.

Hopefully this guide will help in that decision-making process.

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