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Berkey Water Filter Review - Finally, Clean Water You Can Enjoy

By Jeff Wise March 10, 2020

Berkey Water Filter Review 

Believe it or not, it took us a while to write a Berkey water filter review.

I was looking at all my posts the other day and I had one of those "huh?" moments.

Sometimes I assume most people already know the ins and outs of this water purifying system.

Many people might but they have never really heard about my experiences with it.

I owe it to everyone to fully disclose the truth about my experiences with Berkey.

Berkey Water Filter Review - The Actual Systems

I bought my first system in 2006 and it was the Travel Berkey stainless steel one. It's the smallest of the bunch at the time and it was just my wife and I.

After learning for over a year about all the contaminants in the tap water, we were eager to receive help.

We learned a lot about heavy metals as well as fluoride in the water.

Therefore, I bought the PF2 fluoride and arsenic filters to go along with it. When it arrived at our apartment I was super excited!

We followed all the instructions with priming the filters and then filling it up a few times to filter completely before drinking. Then came the first taste. Wow!

We were blown away! The water was so spectacular. We've never drank anything so tasty in our lives.

We marveled for weeks and months. We had people come over and they loved the taste too.

Of course there were individuals who scoffed at us and told us tap water was just as good and healthy.

We even had one person tell it might be unhealthy to filter out fluoride.

Despite evidence that ingesting fluoride really doesn't benefit your teeth, this person didn't want to believe it.

We enjoyed this Berkey system for a good while until...we started having kids.

We had two kids and we also desired to use as much of the purified water for cooking as possible.

When We Switched To The Berkey Light

We had to upgrade and I decided to purchase the Berkey Light.

Although not a stainless steel system, the Berkey Light was big enough for our needs and we love the look of it.

It has a storage capacity of about 2.75 gallons and when in use it stands 26.5 in height with a diameter of 9.

This was perfect for us and our countertop. We've had this system for several years and we use it every day.

Overall, we've loved our Berkey filter system and really feel as though our health is better because daily we are drinking truly pure water.

Update: We now own an Imperial Berkey downstairs and a Royal Berkey upstairs.

Berkey Water Filter Review - A Few Things To Maintain

Nothing in this world is perfect and sometimes things need maintenance, such as our cars.

Our vehicles need an oil change every now and then and sometimes the Berkey needs a little work.

For instance, ever so often it's really good to clean the system inside and out with warm water and mild soap. Here's the biggie.

Make sure you scrub the black Berkey filter every now and then. After a lot of use the flow rate decreases and that's not a big problem.

All you have to do is what they recommend, which is to take them out of the system and lightly scrub them with one of those green scotch pads.

Rinse them under the water and put it all back together. That's it! There you have it!

This has been my honest and candid Berkey water filter review which I stand by and hope you gained some new insight into these systems.

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