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Benefits of Drinking Water For Children

By Jeff Wise March 10, 2020

By Kristy Wise

Benefits of Drinking Water For ChildrenWhen my oldest daughter was about nine months old, the two of us went shopping one day.

As we were checking out at a store, she became thirsty.

So, I gave her a drink of water from my water bottle.

The employee helping me immediately commented that it was good to see a child so young drinking water.

Most young kids she knew would only drink juice or milk. I agreed with her, for I had noticed the same thing.

Which is exactly why before we had kids my husband and I decided not to introduce juice to our children until they were completely satisfied with water.

Now our kids are ages five and three and they still mostly drink water. I hardly ever buy juice or soft drinks.

Benefits of Drinking Water For Kids

Just like adults, kids need lots of water to stay healthy. Infants get their source of water through breast-milk or formula, but once a baby starts to eat real food, there's no harm in introducing her to water too.

When kids are not introduced to water, they tend to reject it later. After all, water can taste pretty bland if you're used to drinking sugary drinks.

But too much sugar from juice and sodas can lead to cavities and weight gain. Kids need to intake several cups of liquid every day to stay hydrated.

Water is the best choice, but not all water is good for drinking. Tap water contains bacteria and toxins that can make your child sick.

I used to work in a nursery and the toddlers would be given water to drink straight from the tap.

It always made me wonder why we were giving these little kids water that I myself would never drink.

I understand that you can't always give your kids filtered water, but it's a good idea to have a reliable filter at home.

A clean, pure source of water in the home will guarantee that your child's main source of hydration is a healthy option.

So make sure your kids are drinking lots of good, clean water so they will stay healthy and you will stay happy.

4 Tips for Making Sure Your Kids Love Water


Benefits of Drinking Water in the Morning

When your kids wake up in the morning the first thing they tell you is that they're hungry. Am I right?

Food is important but water is more important and drinking some first thing in the morning is an absolute must.

One cup or glass full of water consumed first thing in the morning is super healthy.

If you want to get all fancy you can even add a small pinch of pink himalayan sea salt to the water which is full of trace minerals and elements.

Okay, so what are the technical benefits?

  • Hydrates the body
  • Oxygenates the body
  • Filters out toxins
  • Improves energy
  • Boosts mental clarity

My advice is to not let your kids get hooked on juice first thing in the morning or maybe not at all.

Let's also show them how it's done by modeling it ourselves by doing the same thing.

The last thing we should do is drink soda pop or coffee first thing when we wake up. It will be so much easier to get them to consume H2O that way.

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