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5 Ways to Use Berkey Water While Cooking

By Jeff Wise May 03, 2023

Berkey water and cooking go hand in hand. Water is necessary for many recipes and it's best to have Berkey clean water while you cook to avoid harmful contaminants seeping into your food.

Whether you're a regular cook or not, there may be ways that you use water while you're cooking and didn't even realize it.

5 Ways To Use Berkey Water While Cooking

Here are 5 Ways Berkey Water Can Be Used For Cooking

  1. Making soups. Many soups require water. Sometimes there's a recipe that asks for chicken broth or vegetable broth. But if I don't have any, I'll use water and the recipe still turns out delicious.

    One of my kids' favorite soups is homemade Chicken Noodle Soup. To make enough for my family, I need 9 cups of water for the soup. That doesn't include the water I use to boil the chicken.

    Thankfully, we have a large enough Berkey system to help.

  2. Steaming vegetables. Our favorite way to cook vegetables is by steaming them. All it takes is a little water in a pot and a steamer and within minutes your vegetables are ready to eat.

    Berkey water is the best way to go to avoid toxins from steaming into your vegetables.

  3. Boiling potatoes. As a kid, I loved homemade mashed potatoes. There’s nothing like the real thing with salt, butter, and milk for flavor. So, of course, I make them often for my kids.

    You need a big pot of water for boil potatoes for a family. The same goes for any pasta that needs to be cooked.

    When you use Berkey water for these two recipes (as well as organic ingredients), you don't have to worry about consuming toxins.

  4. Brining chicken. For delicious, juicy chicken, you can choose the option of brining. And guess what you need for this recipe? Lots of water! The other main ingredient is salt.

    Other ingredients, like thyme, parsley, rosemary, honey, and garlic, are optional. To brine a full chicken, it takes about 24 hours.

    But it’s worth the wait! All that water is what makes the chicken so tasty. As with the other water recipes, clean water is the best ingredient.

  5. Poaching eggs. Poaching is a way to cook food by using a liquid, in this case water. The liquid is hot, but not boiling.

    People commonly poach eggs, but it’s also a good method of cooking for other delicate foods like fish and chicken breasts.

    What makes poaching different from other types of cooking is them temperature it lower. What makes it similar is that you still need the same pure water.

Additional Ways We Use Water When Cooking

I couldn't talk about cooking with water without mentioning a couple more of our favorite recipes. We often make oatmeal, and whether you're using instant or slow cooking, you need water.

We also eat a lot of rice, which couldn't be made without water. It's one of our staple foods.

If you didn't already realize it, there are many ways you use water while cooking.

So when considering a Berkey water filter, remember that you're not just planning for your family's drinking needs. You also must consider all the water you’ll need for cooking.

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