What in the World is a Berkey and Why Does it Matter?

All the stainless steel berkey water filters lined upSometimes when people hear the word “Berkey” they automatically think of the city in California called, “Berkeley” or the University of California at Berkeley. We are talking about something completely different.

When I say that word, I’m solely referring to very powerful water filter systems. Let me start by giving you a brief history.

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History of the Berkey

First ordered by the Royal House in England, Berkey water filters have also been used by relief organizations such as Unicef, the Peace Corps and Red Cross Societies internationally.

What’s more, British Berkefeld systems have been used for more than 150 years by missionaries, explorers, and relief workers in over 140 countries around the world.

Berkey is the original North American distributor for British Berkefeld, a company who makes the finest ceramic water filter available. These ceramic filters are excellent at removing harmful bacteria from sediment heavy, contaminated drinking water.

It soon became clear to Berkey that a more powerful filter was needed, one that not only removed bacteria but was also in addition able to remove chemicals, viruses, heavy metals fertilizers and a long list of additional contaminants from your drinking water.

Let’s Talk About the Black Elements

After many years of research, Berkey developed the Black Berkey purification element.

This filter gives you all of the benefits of the ceramic filter with the added abilities mentioned above.

Black Berkey purification elements significantly raised the bar to a level that no other gravity flow water filters are currently able to attain.

Berkey is a company based in Arlington, Tx. that builds water purifiers specifically for the harshest circumstances and to provide quality water.

Berkey products are extremely durable and designed for emergencies and cases where electricity, water pressure or access to clean water is unavailable. The systems are also strong enough for day-to-day use.

What is most important is the quality of water that is filtered through the system, and Berkey even claims that it can filter the color out of water filled with red food coloring.

What Do These Powerful Systems Remove or Reduce?

The extremely powerful filtration system removes viruses, harmful pathogenic bacteria, cysts and parasites, and all nonessential minerals while still maintaining the minerals that your body needs to survive and remain healthy.

It’s strong enough for third world countries and germ-infested water in the most distant and secluded areas possible.

It’s great for camping trips and cabins far away from any sort of civilization as well as volunteer trips to third world countries. In short, a Berkey can be used at anytime, anywhere and by anyone.

I Personally Use These Systems

My family and I have used these systems since 2006. Once I learned about them and how they can save money and provide health benefits for my family I was hooked.

We’ve used the Travel system, water bottles and have used the see-through Light for over a decade.

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