Well Water and Home Water Filter System – Good or Bad?

There are many homeowners who live in rural areas and they use well water for most of their needs. You’ll find that many of them buy bottled water versus messing with the water in the ground at their residence.

A good solution for drinking water is a quality home water filter system. Not the reverse osmosis type though. A quality countertop system.

One lady told me recently she has well water that has 1200 parts per million of dissolved solids and they use a lot of salt to soften their water.

She was concerned there was no way to filter out the salt. There is a way to do it and it will save you money in the long run. It’s senseless to keep buying bottled water which may not even be filtered.

Sometimes it comes straight from the tap.

There are some very powerful purification elements which are designed to remove heavy metals, but will not remove mineral salts which are added by the water softener.

You can use a purification system on a regular basis by bypassing the water softener to get your drinking water. Most water softeners have a bypass valve or way to get water before it passes through your softener.

This is where you can obtain drinking water to run through the purification system.

The system I’m referring to is a gravity water filter which you can easily place on your counter in the kitchen. Find a system which filters out virtually anything bad but leaves the healthy minerals in.

We’re not talking about a cheap filter from the local store. Those can’t get the job done here.

If I were this lady I would stop buying bottled water immediately and obtain a home water filter system which has elements that have been tested by EPA accredited laboratories.