Water Supply Contains Pharmaceutical Cocktail

Your drinking water supply may be contaminated with pharmaceuticals. In fact, at least 51 million Americans have drug-infested water supplies.

Your drinking water may be contaminated with pharmaceuticals. In fact, at least 51 million Americans have drug-infested water supplies.

Which means, when you drink unfiltered water you’re likely to ingest traces of antibiotics, pain medicine, psychiatric drugs and even sex hormones. Not exactly refreshing, is it?

Although water is treated and cleansed before it comes through your faucet, many treatments don’t completely remove pharmaceutical residue.

Although the quantities are minute when measured in water supplies, there’s no guarantee that these drugs are safe to consume.

Pharmaceutical-infested water has harmed aquatic animals, such as fish and frogs, and there’s no doubt it can, and does, harm humans.

According to lab researchers, cells do not grow normally when exposed to even the smallest concentration of some drugs. The damage done to humans could be a slow process, and illnesses may not even be linked to drug-contaminated water for decades.

Efforts have been made in the past by some cities to make sure drugs are eliminated, or at least minimized, in drinking water. But many major cities, providing water for the largest populations, have done nothing.

The U.S. Senate is now proposing a two-year study by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to discover the exact sources of these pharmaceutical leaks and how to prevent them. The main source is through human waste, but pharmaceutical manufacturers have contributed too.

For 20 years, manufacturers have released 271 million pounds of drugs into water systems.

Many believe there’s an easy fix to this problem – just use your own filter to eliminate drug traces. But filters you buy at your local supermarket are not powerful enough to do the job.

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