Water Supplies Are Contaminated with Spices, Cocaine and More

Even after a supposed rigorous filtration process, products like spices, cocaine and hormones have been found in waterways around the world.

Whether harmful or not, these substances affect aquatic life and ultimately human life, as drinking water supplies are contaminated.

“Everything you do is connected to the watershed,” says Richard Keil, associate professor of the University of Washington, who did a study with students measuring food ingredients found in Washington waters around the holidays.

Spices like thyme, cinnamon and vanilla were all discovered even after filtration.

No harmful effects to aquatic life have been exposed due to these ingredients, but more research is being done to make sure species aren’t experiencing negative ramifications.

What causes more worry are the drugs that leak into oceans, rivers and home faucets. Legal pharmaceuticals like birth control and illegal cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and marijuana have all been found in water supplies.

Byproducts of these drugs get into the sewage stream from urine and feces. Most of these byproducts are removed during treatment, but many studies have shown that an unhealthy trace still remains.

These drugs in waterways causes harm to the environment and aquatic life. For example, due to the hormones and estrogen in birth control, male fish have grown female body parts.

While the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency claims there’s no evidence the same water harms humans, there’s still room for concern. Common sense says it can’t be good for humans to consume these substances in water, even if the traces are small.

It’s important not to put all your trust into the EPA and assume nothing harmful will come through your water faucets.

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