Water Purification Systems Comparison Chart

water purification systems comparison chart imageI finally have a water purification systems comparison chart!

I’ve been waiting on this for a long time and I’m sure you have too. I have people asking me about it all the time. It only makes sense to have one chart to compare each of the most popular systems out there.

There are several options of water filters out there and it can be confusing for people. Everyone advertises there product is the best but what is the real truth? Are they all equal? Are they all tested properly?

This chart solidifies for me that the Berkey is truly the absolute best out there. Hands down, Berkey is the absolute best. That’s why we’ve used one for so many years.

You will see on the chart that the Berkey system is the only one that provides virus removal. That’s how powerful the Black elements are. It’s truly the only multi-use one out there. It can be used at home and in any camping or emergency preparedness situation.

Here are some other notes of interest:

Is Berkey The Clear Cut Winner?

  • Only system to filter viruses – Berkey
  • Berkey is the only element to be rated as a purifier instead of just a filter
  • Max daily output of water favors the Berkey
  • Maximum gallons per element – 3,000 for the Berkey. Next closest was 1,095.
  • Average cost per gallon – Berkey has lowest at 1.8 cents.

You’ve really got to see this information. Download the chart here.

What Was the Competition Lineup?

The water purification systems this chart reviews are:

  • Berkey – Big Berkey
  • AquaCera – Ceragrav-LP5
  • AquaCrock – AquaCrock
  • Pro Pur – Pro Big
  • Doulton – GSS-2
  • Aqua Rain – Model 400
  • Katadyn – Gravidyn

Have you ever used one of those systems before? Are you surprised the Berkey is the best one and one of the most affordable too?

If you have any questions please leave a comment below or email me.

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