Water Preparedness For Tough Times

drinnking water storageThere is quite a bit of talk surrounding emergency food supplies and storage but what about water preparedness?

Food is very important, we all know that. Who likes to even go a half day without food? Not me!

Water is even more important though. It’s hard to go an hour without water and the thought of possibly not having any is really hard to fathom.

What about natural and man-made disasters though? What about disruptions in our city’s water supply? What about contamination? What about all the junk in our water today?

Water Preparedness During Emergencies

No matter where you live there is the possibility of emergencies cropping up out of nowhere. I happen to live in the south where it seems every month except November and December there is some sort of tornado warning because of crazy weather.

How would I provide water for my family if we lost our house? What if the whole neighborhood get’s flattened?

Am I really going to enjoy standing in a line for a few bottled waters? Absolutely not!

Maybe you live in an area with earthquakes, hurricanes or snowy regions. Are you prepared?

I have thought about the possibilities of having to deal with water contamination and even the thoughts of having to get my water from a stream, lake or river.

I’ve recently been thinking about emergency water storage. I’m really not liking the idea of filling dozens of two liter bottles with water. Where would I put them?

Water Preparedness – My Solutions

This has been a really tough subject for me only because it’s as if I don’t want to face reality. I’m living each day as if the water from my faucet will always be flowing and I’ll be able to filter it properly.

I’m sure many people thought their money was safe and then the year 2001 came around and poof! In the years since many, many people have lost almost everything.

They weren’t prepared. I don’t want to be them do you?

My first solution is having portable water purifiers on hand. I have big ones and I have small ones. They are all easy to transport and they’ve been tested to eliminate most harmful contamination.

My second solution is acquiring some sort of emergency water barrel I can keep in the garage. It holds a lot of water and can sit in the corner with no problems.

I’m not sitting here claiming to know everything about emergency preparedness water but I do have natural instincts. What about you?

Please leave a comment at the end of this post because I want to know your thoughts on water preparedness.

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  1. Your choice of a water barrel would depend upon where you reside. In my region, it might be useless, since the rain water is less than ideal and the flora/fauna might render it even less than palatable (without extensive treatment- which few, if any, ‘portable’ devices yield).
    We maintain a 3 days supply of water, that we replace every quarter. (We are selective in the water that we purchase, as well.) Actually, it probably is 9 days, since we haven’t changed the quantity since my children moved out or went to college. (They are welcome to return for any emergency- or non-emergency!)

  2. Thank you for your comments Roy. That’s a good benchmark for everyone. Three days supply of water.

  3. I believe that three days of water is not enough, especially if there is an EMP or severe solar storm.

    What will you do if the supermarket is closed and you can’t get to water, especially if you live in the city? Everyone else who only had three days supply, will be doing the same thing by the fourth day. Don’t expect the government to be there for you.

    You could easily get gallons of water and put in your closets, your basement, anywhere there is room. Also, if there is space, there are large containers that you could store water in (for washing, etc.), and once they are empty, you could reuse them outside to collect water (on your balcony, porch, yard).

    Someone mentioned about storing water in your clothes washer! Another person said if they had a day’s notice, they would fill their bathtub with water.

    Water is inexpensive to get. Each time you go shopping, get a few bottles at a time. Many preppers are preparing for a year’s worth and more. That is prudent, and it’s like insurance, gives you peace of mind.

    Three days is not enough!!

  4. Great thoughts Grace! Many people don’t prepare for much at all so saving three days is a big accomplishment. I believe that is also standard for earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters.

    I’ve always wanted some sort of storage container that I can store in the garage. I reviewed a water barrel on this blog.

    What do you think about water barrels or other storage you can place in the garage?

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