Water Main Breaks and Portable Water Purifiers

All you have to do is go to your favorite search engine online and search for the term, “water main break” or “boil water” and you will get dozens of results from cities all over asking residents to boil their water because of possible contamination. This causes people to increasingly inquire about portable water purifiers.

The latest boil water request was in Port Townsend, WA where a water main break occurred. Usually workers repair the break quickly, but city officials warned the public to boil their water for at least 24 hours.

As a result, restaurants have to close down until lab results tell them the water is safe to use. This panic causes many to rush to the supermarket to buy as much bottled water as they can.

Water breaks like this sometimes causes a residue that makes the water brown, created by rust, nasty sediment and who knows what else.

There is a solution that not only will help the average family at home, but also small eateries and businesses as well. The solution is to own a quality portable water purifier.

Many cheap and popular water filters are not reliable and won’t remove sediments or other unexpected contaminants caused by a water main break.

Berkey water filters, on the other hand, are dependable purifiers and will virtually eliminate any harmful contaminant from your drinking water. Here are a few things Berkey systems filter out:

  • Pathogenic bacteria
  • Cysts
  • Parasites
  • Herbicides
  • VOCs
  • Radon 222
  • Lead, Mercury and Nitrates
  • Sediment

Ah yes, that nasty sediment and rust caused by water breaks is easily filtered out with a Berkey portable water purifier.

With one of the many Berkey systems, you can safely drink and cook with water whenever a situation like a water main break occurs.

The next time you get a “breaking news” update from your local news reporting a water break, you will feel so much better with a Berkey filter. Providing fresh, clean water will keep your family safe during any such disaster.